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Top education towns 2011:
Median home prices $800,000 or more

Clustered on the East and West Coasts, these cities offer wonderful public schools and plenty of other attractions, but be prepared for the sticker shock of million-dollar homes.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Westport, CT

Educational quality score: 87.81
Median home value: $931,690
Population: 26,614

Ever since Westport, Connecticut was the scene of a Revolutionary War battle, plenty of people have wanted to invade this scenic town. New residents flocked here during the boom days of World War II. It's a testament to the city's charm that even Lucille Ball's fictional character in the 1950s television series "I Love Lucy" dreamed of having a home in rural Westport.

Commuters love Westport's spectacular and family-friendly waterfront setting on the Long Island Sound, and its location just 47 miles north of the Big Apple. The local theater and arts centers are thriving. Add award-winning schools, and you can see why Westport residents chose this spot as home.

Saugatuck Elementary School has the 10th highest reading and math scores in the state according to the state Department of Education. Students at Bedford Middle School tested in the top five percent in math, writing, and reading.

More than half the students at Staples High School enroll in Advanced Placement courses. The high school has a vibrant music program, and students can choose from clubs that focus on everything from applied science to culinary arts. With all these academic and extracurricular perks, it's hardly a surprise that Staples was one of only 12 high schools in the state to receive a Silver Medal in U.S. News & World Report's most recent list of America's Best High Schools.

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Comments from readers

"As a proud parent of 2 West School Elementary students, I know our teachers and administrators are tops and that my children are getting a fabulous public school education. Way to go NC!"