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Top education towns 2011:
Median home prices $800,000 or more

Clustered on the East and West Coasts, these cities offer wonderful public schools and plenty of other attractions, but be prepared for the sticker shock of million-dollar homes.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Rye, NY

Educational quality score: 85.74
Median home value: $1,265,020
Population: 15,236

With multimillion-dollar colonial and Tudor homes set on the shores of scenic Long Island Sound, Rye is a village many quickly come to love. Rye features the best of two worlds: New York commuters can speed 23 miles south to the bustle of city life, or stay home and enjoy rustic hiking trails and championship golf courses.

So what's not to like? The stratospheric price tag, for one thing: Rye has a cost of living three times the national average, and Coldwell Banker tagged it the third most expensive home-buying market in America. For those who can afford to live there, one of Rye's greatest amenities is its top-tier public schools. The community spends nearly $20,000 per student — about 19 percent more than the state average.

Rye boasts a low student-teacher ratio that helps get three out of four students ready for college by the time they finish high school. The payoff: Rye High School ranked 59th according to U.S. News & World Report's 2010 list of America's Best High Schools.

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"As a proud parent of 2 West School Elementary students, I know our teachers and administrators are tops and that my children are getting a fabulous public school education. Way to go NC!"