First Grade

"Do you think I'm smart?"

Hold on! Before you answer, "Of course, honey," hear what these three parenting experts suggest you say instead. More »

Parenting Dilemmas

Bipolar at 5?

One mother's unvarnished tale of raising a daughter with bipolar disorder.

Parenting Dilemmas

Sadie's story: the tale of a bipolar child

Sadie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age five. In this video she describes what it feels like.

Health & Nutrition

My child was overweight... here's what I did

When she learned her child was obese, this mom took action. But it wasn't easy.

Book Reviews

Mystery books for first graders

It's no mystery that these picks will be great reads for your first grader at home!

Learning Activities

Make your own ice cream

A science project your child can eat! Making ice cream teaches kids about measuring and following directions.

Worksheets & Activities

First grade worksheets

From ABCs to early math, we have worksheets to give your child an academic boost.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and math

Laying strong foundations: First graders learn about money, time, measurements, and more.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and language arts

First graders build skills by working individually and in groups, listening to stories, and singing songs.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and social studies

Mapping the world: Students get a glimpse of the history, geography, and culture of many nations.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and technology

Tech savvy kids: When first graders use technology, they start using a keyboard and mastering computer terms.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and PE

Schoolyard games: First graders play games like tag and learn about the value of teamwork.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and art

Painting and drawing and sculpting, oh my! First graders try new art materials and learn art vocabulary.

Academic Skills

Your first grader and music

Tiny dancers: In music class, first graders sing, play instruments, and listen and move to music.

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