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Public charter
Homestead, FL
Students enrolled: 458

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11575 Southwest 243 Street
Homestead, FL 33032

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(305) 253-2123
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May 16, 2014
Wow! This school was well beyond expectations! Our child really learned so much. We are honored and most proud. The POWER of a POSTMODERN EDUCATION!!! Breezy Leeza truly lives up to her name because she makes learning Kool, just like a breath of fresh air on a sunny subtropical afternoon.

- submitted by a parent

January 18, 2014
Ms liza no tiene el mas minimo sentido comun no le importa en lo mas minimo escuchar a los padres y no le interesa para nada la seguridad de los ninos por ejemplo cuando llueve y no hay parqueo sierra el drive way que es donde unico no se llena de agua

- submitted by a parent

November 05, 2013
I am very disappointed with Summerville. They do not follow MDCPS standards of communication with parents. Their curriculum lacks rigor and purpose. It seems like everything is a secret and if you ask for a parent conference you might get one, maybe. The principal lacks personal communication skills and likes to boast that she likes to confront parents. She is very aggressive and lacks warmth of any type. Her poor leadership style has affected her staff and their teaching . The school went down to a C. She does not demonstrate pedagogy; children are blamed for all shortcomings. Parents are shut out , unless it has to do with acquiring money for events. The good teachers are either gone or need to keep their job and just stay quiet. The principals favorite frequently screams and humiliates the children. Theirs another who has poor class management and spends her day blowing a whistle. Even though you may send a child to school with the requested supplies they will be given to everyone else; then they'll penalize your child for not bringing a red pen.This facility is a true disaster. Classes are overcrowded and they don't deliver , lots of smoke and mirrors.

- submitted by a parent

September 29, 2013
Are you headed their way? TURN AROUND!!!! The administration is poor. The principal Ms. Leza is not parent friendly. She would rather ignore you and doesn't allow parent participation. Her attempts to run a tight ship should include a dress code for herself. See through, sleeveless on a principal?!?!? Oh and don't forget the leopard skin stiletto shoes the women wear. Really? Can you protect my child if you had to run? I give her a little credit, most students seem to like her. The PTSO is lacking, leadership and know how. They need a course on how to run a parent board. Most of the teachers are pretty good. The discipline techniques are a bit too tough though. Children are not allowed to go to the restroom yet sent home if a child sneezes. If the answer another child's question, they are disciplined. I once had a concern and wanted to talk to someone of authority and was hung up on instead of given a phone number. So sad.

- submitted by a parent

February 12, 2013
I am seriously concerned about my kids attending this school and will pull them out immediately. The teachers at the school seem dedicated but there is a complete lack of morale at the school. The new administration (Breezy Liza is the new principal) is disgraceful and their attempts at running a tight ship borders on the ridiculous. Case in point, the police was called on a 3rd grade student with special needs because 'he couldn't be controlled' (no weapons of any kind were found in the child's possession; no threats were made). Children are never allowed to offer any explanation if a misbehavior arises; they are expected to 'be quiet' and comply with the orders given. My kids are complaining of not being allowed to talk in class (understandable), or breaks (?), or even in the cafeteria; seriously?! Apparently there are no bathroom passes after 2:00pm eventhough school is in session until 3:30pm! The new 5th grade teacher has taken to asking the kids to copy lines like 'I must not talk in class' for pages on end! After being a customer of this school since their opening I mourn for the wonderful school it once was. Our kids deserve better and so they are leaving.

- submitted by a parent

June 10, 2012

- submitted by a parent

May 27, 2012
THIS SCHOOL IS A WASTE OF TIME! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL!! WHY DO I SAY THAT?!?! WELL I HAVE EXPERIENCE BECAUSE I WAS A STUDENT THERE! BUT I LEFT BECAUSE THAT WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! THE TEACHERS THERE DO NOT MOTIVATE THE KIDS AT ALL! ADMINISTRATION IS HORRIBLE! THEY DON'T CARE AT ALL! IF A KID GOES MISSING I BET THEY WON'T EVEN CARE! I BEG OF ALL OF YOU PARENTS DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY! MY PARENTS WASTED MORE THAN $300 ON THIS TERRIBLE SCHOOL!! DON'T I SAY THIS AGAIN DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE!!! Sincerely, a used to go to this school girl! who now goes to a better school aka Centennial Middle School which is turning to a high school...Centennial is a great and awesome school to go to! send your children to Centennial because its awesome there! now those are people who cares!!

- submitted by a community member

May 15, 2012
My daughter started Kindergarten 2011-2012, I am very pleased with the school staff, very reliable, very responsible, and in terms in communication great!! Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Fyffe are great teachers. They have an awesome reading program after school, and dance club. Keep it up Summerville!!!

- submitted by a parent

March 29, 2012
Excellent teachers. Both children attend and are doing great. Very happy with the school all around. I travel far each day to take my children to school but it is well worth the drive. Thanks

- submitted by a parent

October 11, 2011
Our child's 1st year was great. We liked the fact that it was a small setting. But the 2nd year we ve ran into serious problems with the teacher she does not motivate our child, she doesn t post the assignments on Edline, as a matter of fact Edline is BLANK. When we tried to talk to the teacher, we hit a brick wall, literally. She did not return our calls/emails and when we went by the school to talk to her she had a blank look on her face that showed total lack of care. We contacted the principal but it just seemed that everywhere we turned no one could help us. This school needs MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. Teachers and faculty need to stop concentrating on just test scores so that thy can have an A school and dedicate sometime to actually teaching and connecting with students and parents. Needless to say, our child did not return to this school for a third year.

- submitted by a parent

May 17, 2011
The communication at this school is horrible. In the Parent/Student Handbook, it states that assignments are posted on the school's Edline site. This is not true. In fact, there are no assignments posted, only grades. How are parents supposed to keep up with their child's assignments if they aren't posted? Agendas are a waste of time/money as well because there is never anything written in them. Edline/Agenda are no assistance to assignments whether they are homework and/or classroom assignments. I can't speak for the principal but the AP never responds or provides feedback to anything. Parent/Teacher conferences are a waste of time. There's not enough time and most of the time the teachers are either late, or they don't show up claiming they forgot or the parent didn't respond back to them. Teachers need to abide by their own school's handbook. It clearly states in the Parent Handbook to 'be prompt' for conferences....teachers are never prompt! I am very disappointed with this school and my child WILL NOT be attending there for the 2011-2012 school year!

- submitted by a parent

September 28, 2010
This school has gone through many changes the last couple of years! From Principal, AP, front office staff. The school is a small private setting which is GREAT! But the communication needs some serious improvement. How do you put a person at the front desk who does not speak ENGLISH in the morning??? How do I help my child with any work when I don't know how they are doing in class because nothing comes home. I am a involved parent but this school seems to keep parents in the dark on classwork and major test scores but will give us 10 sheets on the next ptso or fundraiser! I still have not seen my childs FCAT scores??? All we got was YOU PASSED!!! Other schools received paper work. I like the school but some things need major improvement!!!! QUICKLY

- submitted by a parent
no rating
October 05, 2009
I do not know what these parents are talking about!!! Mrs Duclerc is not even visible and Mrs Cantillo always looks miserable when talking to parents and students. Parent involvement has helped this become a good school. This year it was decided that parents in the upper floors could not go and drop the students. Since when did the parents become the enemy? Parents at this school and very well behaved and cooperative. All of the sudden some teachers do not want to see parents in the morning? It may have made a difference for the teachers, but I thought we were here for the students. Come on Mrs Duclerc, get out of the office once in awhile, it doesn't hurt.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 07, 2009
I give this school a 6 because I like the atmosphere, teachers, administrators, safety, but I don't like the fact that kids are not recognized by their excellent conduct and don't get awards just because they get a 'C' in all 'A' and 'B' grades. You need to implement somtime esle to give some incentive to students of these type. Thanks

- submitted by a parent

August 31, 2009
I am a parent who is very pleased with the school. Mrs. Duclerc's professionalism, integrety and dedication are incredible. The organization which stands behind this school and the sister school Watersone are fabulous! The gifted and ESE programs are the best in town. The school welcomed our family to their family. The sense of respect was immediatley present to us as parents and to my children. The PTSO (PTA) is very dedicated and is very involved. Both Mrs. Duclerc(at Summerville) and Mrs. Aguilar(at Waterstone) are great administrators, not needing to fit into each others shoes as the do a very good job in their own shoes. I have never seen such great administration team work!!! The teachers at this school rock! I have never seen such dedicated teachers, they are truely teaching children to be the best they can be.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
August 22, 2009
I am a EXTREMELY PROUD teacher at Summerville. Our school went from being a 'C' school to being a HIGH 'A' school! We did it because of all of our hard work, and our great administration. Ms. Duclerc is wonderful and helped led us to a great path, as Ms. Aguilar did the previous year. Our school did have award ceremonies for all grade levels throughout the entire year. We have great extracurricular activities and even offer free homework help. I recommend this school to everyone! We do all that we can do to help our students succeed! GO SHARKS!!!

- submitted by a teacher

August 12, 2009
I am a parent and this school in my view is great. Yes the first year seemed to be a bit more student orientated however the teachers my child has had so far are awesome. Mrs. Aguilar was great because she seemed to be involved in what her staff was doing. Not all grades had awards ceromonies this year which was not a positive thing - Inspiration keeps children going in the right path. Otherwise my child so far has had a good experience.

- submitted by a parent

June 07, 2009
I am a teacher who is very disappointed with the way the school ended this year. Mrs. Duclerc has no professionalism and has no integrity. I am also disappointed with the owners of this organization, who have allowed this to go on. I will be seeking employment elsewhere. This school for the following year may not have the Gifted or ESE program. Parents should be aware and should ask questions before enrolling their child in this school. Overall, the administrator of this school has a lack of respect towards her teachers and parents. Parents seeking a great school with great leadership, should visit our sister school Waterstone. Who before being the administrator of Waterstone, was our Principal- Mrs. Aguilar. As the word of one of the parents from this review 'Mrs. Duclerc will and never has been able to walk in Mrs. Aguilar's stilettos.'

- submitted by a teacher
no rating
October 01, 2008
This is my daughter's first year at Summerville. I love the small private school atmosphere. The teachers really do seem to care about the students. I hope with more on hands teaching the students will be better readers and test takers.Hopefully this new school will go straight to the top!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 18, 2008
Its so sad to see this school go down. The administratrion and the student have no respect for the teacher or the parent when they are in school.My child has been here for yrs but hopefully just like other parent that I have spoken too nex year we can get them out of this school. before the worst gets here!

- submitted by a parent

September 08, 2008
I am a teacher who has worked in 3 previous schools and this school is by far the best place I have worked at. We have a great administration and a wonderful staff. Our parents are amazing and very dedicated to the academic success of their children. We have an amazing group of students who are always eager to learn and dedicated to reaching their highest potential. I am truly blessed to work here! :)

- submitted by a teacher
no rating
September 05, 2008
Both my kids attend this school since they opened last year. The administration staff is excellent. They are always thier to help and it truly feels like we are family. The teachers my children had last year and this year so far are great teachers. The new principal has big shoes to fill. Mrs. Aguilar was a very dedicated principal and cared for her staff, students and parents. I hope Mrs. Duclerk can follow in her footsteps and keep making Summerville a number 1 school. Go Sharks!!!!!!

- submitted by a parent

June 25, 2008
Teachers are caring and involved. The school provides a lot of free services and incentives to help students achieve more. There is a sense of 'family' among the teachers and staff. The students have picked up on this and call themselves 'shark family'. Student have school pride and love to be involved in the school at all of its extracurricular activities. It is a great school in its first year and it will only get better in the years to come!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
May 28, 2008
As a first year teacher I am truly honored to be working at Summerville. I believe we really work as a team towards one main goal and that is to educate the students. The administration is very supportive to each teacher and staff member. I can see myself teaching here for a loooonn time. :)

- submitted by a teacher

May 12, 2008
This is school has an outstanding adminstration team. (The Principal is 'Awesome' in my son's words.) They have Excellent staff and dedicated teachers. They offer free tutoring, drama, and chorus. They also have a soccer team and art club. Plenty of after school activities to keep your child busy. Being open for the first year, this is a well organized school. Even their after school care program is organized with diverse activities for the students. My child loves the after care school program. The After Care Director is also very dedicated along with the after care staff. My child loves it and most of all has improved in academics. Thanks to the free tutoring. I recommend this school to everyone, who wants a dedicated Pricipal and staff.

- submitted by a parent
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Summerville Advantage Academy
11575 Southwest 243 Street, Homestead, FL  33032
(305) 253-2123
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