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does anyone know what the birthday cut off is for the schools in jacksonville fl?


mommytotwo January 14, 2009

my daughter will be 3 jan 20. will she be able to attend pre-k in the fall of 09? or will she have to wait until fall of 2010?

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kiwibirdmom February 5, 2009

I think she'll have to wait until 2010.


MsJaffo March 21, 2009

I think it is September 2, but think about it first. Your child if they are not six will probably be a struggler in school. Most children who are five in kindergarden unless they have an exceptional teacher seem to have trouble later on in the upper grades. The students who are not six when entering into the classroom struggle with writing excersies, phonics and so forth. (Pesonal observation) However, that is not to say all children would have this problem. You have to gauge the progress of your own child to know where they stand. I do believe in Florida the cut off for birthday's is September 2. I hope that helps. Chirs

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