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Private Preschool for a toddler that turns 4 Sept 24


tchowell January 24, 2011

Does anyone know of a preschool that will admit a child who turns 4 shortly after the cutoff? The public school cutoff is Sept 4, our daughter turns 4 on September 24. I am not convinced that holding her back a year is in her best interest.

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Mak1995 April 26, 2011

St. Johns Country Day in Orange Park has classes starting at 3 years old, all the way through 12th grade. It's an incredible school . My son's birthday is similar to your daughter's birthday, and it was not a problem. Their number is 904-264-9572, and the person to speak with is Brian Pargman. Hope this helps - Good luck!


qofmay June 7, 2011

Seaside Playgarden at the Beach is a wonderful school for young children. It is a Waldorf school. Both my grandsons enjoyed and learned from the wonderful age/developmentally appropriate program.
The program begins at the three year old level and continues to five days a week 5/6 year olds.
The VPK program introduces academics in a very child friendly manner with developmentally appropriate activities.

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