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Moving To Jacksonville, Need Advice (School & More)


rebeccas4 June 1, 2011

We are moving to Jacksonville, we have 4 children ages 3, 7, 10, and 12. We will be attending St. JOhn the Divine which is located on 3805 Atlantic BLVD 32207. We are wondering what the schools are like in that area. Our 3 eldest have been accepted in the Gifted Program if that helps. We can't believe there are so many types of schools there. So, we're hoping to get lots of opinions, and comments. We are also looking at renting in that area or surrounding area such as Avondale. Are those area's nice to raise a family?

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brandywine1980 June 24, 2011

Very nice area to raise your children in!


ycarrington July 2, 2011

I lived in the 32207 zip code when I first moved to Jacksonville and my son went to Love Grove Elementary school from Kindergarten thru 2ND grade. I loved that is small and the teachers and staff knew my son by name and recognized me when I went to the school. The area was very nice then (2002-2004), but not sure now. I still work on that side of town and it is nice.


kelceytyana July 25, 2011

The Avondale area is a wonderful family area! I'm 16 & have lived in this area since I can remember. Its so quiet & your kids can go outside & play all while you're not pulling your hair out worrying about if they're gonna get kidnapped or run over. As for schools, the Magnet Program is amazing! Since you have a 10 & 12 year old, one of the best Magnet middle schools I know is Kirby Smith. It is very accelerated, and feeds into one of the best high school programs in Jacksonville, Robert E. Lee's Early College. I currently attend Lee's Early College & it is amazing. The Magnet Program is something worth looking into. (:


edugator August 1, 2011

I am a teacher of the gifted in Jacksonville. Avondale is a nice area. Central Riverside is a gifted magnet and Lu Morton is the gifted teacher there. We have three college prep middle schools (magnet) that are awesome. My grandson went to James Weldon Johnson, an amazing school with great teachers. Half of the student body is gifted. These three schools also feed into Stanton College Prep and Paxon School for Advanced Studies. Stanton is ranked the fourth best high school in the United States. My grandson goes there now and it's like he is already in college. He is doing, and understands, work that I did in my first two years of college and he is just now entering his Junior year. There are a few other middle schools with gifted teams: Kiriby Smith, LaVilla School of the Arts, and the others are neighborhood schools but not near Avondale. Unless you are military, you will have to wait until next Feb. to apply for magnets but Central Riverside could be your neighborhood school and if not, your youngest children would receive gifted services there.

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