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how can i find a school for my son?


youngmi July 8, 2009

my son is going to 4th grade. Last year, when he went 3rd grade he did not have a teacher, I asked school, they did not give to me right answer. I hope he can go to the different school this year but I am not sure how to do that ....,

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healthy11 July 8, 2009

In most communities, where you live determines which public school your child attends. There are "attendance zones" and you can't just send a child wherever you want. Part of the reason has to do with how schools are funded, by taxes on people who live in that community. There are transportation considerations as well, because you can't expect a bus to go all over the city to bring a child to a school across town. They usually have routes in the local neighborhood.

I do know that Florida has a voucher system, which allows parents to send their children to private schools, if desired, but I do not live in Florida, so I am not sure how you would apply. You might try to do a "google search" for "Florida School Voucher" and see what it says. You might also call your school district and see if there are options to attend anywhere else. In any case, your son would probably not have the same teacher as last year, so it might be fine even if he stays at the same school.

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