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How do the Duval Charter schools compare to the other county's public schools in the way of academics, requirements and stude...


Donna1002 April 3, 2012

I'm researching teacher employment in the Duval area and would like some feedback on the county schools, best and worst places to work.

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mummsie June 3, 2012

Charter USA is not a good company to work for. Teachers are disposable and the supposed bonus is a joke. Your salary is well less than the county. They expect you you come early and stay late at their leisure (not to plan or grade but for emergency meetings and crisis management), buy logo teachers at your expense and supply your classroom. Lastly, the schools are dependent on student enrollment and so behavior contracts and other last resort consequences for students who fail to adhere to rules are meaningless. I work there and almost everyone I know privately admit there are looking elsewhere for employment.


TeachTeach May 11, 2012

I work for a charter school in Duval, run by Charter Schools USA. I really believe in the charter school movement--there is WAY more accountability in our school than when I worked for the public school district. It's made me a much better teacher, though I work harder.

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