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Help with A ESE Child.


mom_96_97_99 August 25, 2009

my son is a SLD With ADD & I need help with him in reading and Ect. he there anyone out the that can help.

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michellea August 25, 2009

Is your son on an IEP? If not, getting him eligibe for special ed and writing a solid individual educational program that the school would implement would be your fist step.

If you go to the Learning Disabilities and Difficulties page here at Great Schools, you will see some links to great resources that can help you with getting a solid IEP and understanding the kinds of support that would benefit your son. Here is the link:

In addition, join us at the Learning and Attention Difficulties group to ask specific questions about your son's situations. Many of the particpants have children with issues similar to your son and can give you specific suggestions. Here is the link:

When you reply, let us know what grade your son is in, whether he has an IEP, the types of services he gets, when he was last evaluated and any other information you think would be helpful for us to understand his situation.


mom_96_97_99 August 27, 2009

Yes he has IEP. I need help at home with him I have the some problem as him & I have problem help him with his homework. he got the McKay Scholarship and goes to a Privale School C.C.C.S.


mom_96_97_99 August 27, 2009


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