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Public charter
Miami, FL
Students enrolled: 418

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14901 Southwest 42nd Street
Miami, FL 33185

(305) 559-8583
(305) 559-8584
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Map of Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School address.
July 22, 2014
I am so disappointed in this school. I regret putting my child here. The teachers inappropriately discuss their personal lives with the students, (seriously no one cares who you are dating,) and then they look the other way when the children are touching & kissing inappropriately. There is no control in that school. The Bullying problem that PPMH has is Huge & it goes largely unaddressed. Not only does the administration do nothing about the bullying, but then it blames the victim & retaliates against them. The Assistant Principal "suggested" I withdraw my child from PPMH because she could not ensure that the bullying would end. The one good thing that the school does have is the Guidance counselor. She truly cares about the children and goes above and beyond to help them. She is great. Unfortunately she works for such a bad administration and has her hands tied. If you want to have your children thrive and enrich their education, PPMH IS NOT THE SCHOOL. Don t make the mistake many parents have made & have had to rectify. There is obviously a reason their senior class is so little, it's because everyone leaves the school. Sad to think they will be the biggest charter school.

- submitted by a parent
May 07, 2014
I've also heard things like that, and my son once told me that there is one teacher that he yells at the studentand aadministration and harasses them and embarases the students and teachers. They have all reported this to this the principle and they will give this this responds "we are working on it". No action is ever taken against this teacher. And he still is doing this. I really do not know what is wrong with this school,but it is just out of control. I hope that someone speaks up and tell the Miami-Dade School Board about this incident that is happening frequently. I would give this school a 0/10.

- submitted by a parent
May 07, 2014
??? A majority of the teachers are amazing !! its a shame such an awful administration is running it though. This school implies that genders somehow inherently oppose each other in eternal conflict is a subtle way of justifying unequal distribution of power under patriarchy. I would recommend looking at another school, a majority of the positive reviews are written by the administration themselves, days after each other.

- submitted by a parent
May 05, 2014
ppmh is biased, descriminates, and honestly does not support the idea of students having any sense of individuality or of being themselves. ppmh has no tolerance for any differences. if youre too skinny, they pick on you. if youre gay, they yell at you. i am just one more student to add to the endless list of people who are sick and tired of school 'officials' stepping all over our rights. and who knows how many countless other students are leaving this school because of their lack of acceptance to those who do not conform to most social, aesthetic, and even racial "norms" it is unacceptable.

- submitted by a student
March 23, 2014
i love this school, is the only school I have to choice, the enviroment is the most important if you love your children, I am sure that when I left my children in the morning , I am going to pickthem in the afternoon, that is the only thing important to me. i dont care about terra school, coral reef school, ferguson school, the enviroment is very heavy.

- submitted by a parent
January 16, 2014
Shout-out to our Pinecrest Academy High School for being an A School. It is a great accomplishment! I am proud of the success of our Croc Family and it is a pleasure to be part of it. We have the potential and strive to achieve all our goals! Congratulations again to our Principal and all of our Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents!

- submitted by a parent
November 10, 2013
In 4 years, I have seen the school grow into a place that I am proud to have my child graduate from. Sure, oolthere were struggles at the beginning but now it is a safe place with great teachers and lots of options for electives and sports. I am very glad I chose this school and stuck with it!

- submitted by a parent
October 10, 2013
hope my son completes 8grade to remove him from there. it is difficult to get in contact with teachers/counselors, and some teachers are good but not all. kids need motivation, and teachers have to. A lot of homework which would be good if teachers review them. you may call or send e-mails and may sit to wait. you need to insist several times before getting an incomplete response. today it was a "mandatory" meeting for 8 grade students and the information was not clear, the audio awful, and we had to see a long PP presentation unrelated to the meeting's objective. staff was available to respond questions but parents shown lack of interest due to the insipid nature of the environment. I am not a very involved parent due to many hrs I work but I guaranty my son is prepared for the tests. i consider that without EXTRA help at home my son's results would be not good. my concern is that not all kids have a teacher at home and that is reflected in the school's results. an incident happened and i was notified 3days later by my son not by staff. traffic flow BAD, also breakfast should be free. is not the worst but different than i imagined. definitively will look something better.

- submitted by a parent
October 09, 2013
PPMH is one of the best school I know. Everyone is nice and there for you. I am in middle school and learned a lot so far. I am in 7 grade and it is amazing. I love it .

- submitted by a student
September 18, 2013
PPMH is an exceptional school that is extremely student-orientated.PPMH has nothing but the student's best interest in mind and at heart.The faculty and staff care very much about their students and want nothing more for the students to be successful.

- submitted by a student
September 14, 2013
On behalf of my Husband and I, we wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate PPMH High School and many of the outstanding faculty members they have on board as the leaders in our children s life; that s what makes PPMH what it is today. While many parents will only take the time to complain, this is not the case with us. In order to build a solid foundation, one must first walk on rocky roads and learn from past experiences; we must take pride in what we believe in!!! PPMH is an excellent school with leadership and guidance- an element that many children lack today. All the tools necessary for our children to succeed and take advantage of what their future holds are always tangible to them. I would like to say how much I appreciate the entire faculty that is a part of my child's life, offering a high level of dedication and commitment throughout the school year. This school is great and I don't regret putting my child here.

- submitted by a parent
September 13, 2013
I'm a senior here at PPMH. The experience I've had here these past years has been phenomonal. Being able to become involved in part of a small community like our school has brought the best out of everybody. I'd like to start by saying I've experienced being a student at G.Holmes Braddock and here at PPMH. I can go on with a major list of the advantages PPMH has over any other school in the area. PPMH has a wide variety of electives and programs in leaning towards helping the student excel. Dual Enrollment programs integrated with F.I.U. and many sports programs being offered are just some of the many opportunities PPMH has to offer. I'd like to say that our teachers and administration here is key to any student's success. They take their time to truly help you and understand the material. Being a smaller school has it's advantages in education.Teachers are more in sync with students and vise versa.We all understand each other and are willing to commute towards the students success.The website and tools are a big help. It's been a blessing being a part of this and would recommend this school to any parent.Lastly,I'd like to say that it's only been getting better and better rapidly.

- submitted by a student
September 12, 2013
Words cannot come to my mind when it comes to describing my school. I truly love PPMH because it gives you a lot of things that some schools cannot. A few of the things that PPMH has to other schools is that they have an incredible Dual Enrollment program that is tied in with Florida International University, early advanced placement options (starting Freshman year), a small-friendly environment, and teachers that are organized, fair, kind, and can actually properly convey information to us when presenting/explaining lessons. One major advantage of attending PPMH is the small environment. The reason for this is that you get used to knowing your way around almost instantly, teachers have a decent-size of students in their classes so that teaching can be more simple yet, efficient, and we grow together as a family over the years. Many people complain over the formal uniform but, every year PPMH is adding new, and stylish uniforms that can look both presentable, and good-looking. If you want a school were you can prosper and get a fun-filled experience with a great education, then PPMH is the school for you.

- submitted by a student
August 31, 2013
This is my daughter's third year attending PPMH and she is learning, she is safe and she is happy...We are happy. Improvements in our schools is an ongoing process that never ends and we like that the administration, teachers and staff of PPMH are very committed to the improvement of the school.

- submitted by a parent
August 29, 2013
This is my 4th year in this school. This school is a perfect alternative to going to a private school. PPMH runs like a private school. The principal and the assistant principals are dedicated to excelling your child education. The school offers AP classes, Dual Enrollment, sports and numerous amount of clubs and activities. The teachers are amazing. Teachers are quick to respond to your emails( within 24 hours) and always partner with you on a solution. PPMH is truly a family environments. I would recommend this school to everyone.. It is truly the best charter school out there..

- submitted by a parent
August 28, 2013
This is my second year in the school, and I can only say good things about the school. Academics is number one. My child was in advance/gifted classes last year. The teachers pushed, taught and were so dedicated that he/she ended up in Honors and AP classes in 7 grade. The school is "A" and that shows a lot. Administration is always willing to help. They are very professional and nice. Teachers are super dedicated and always pushing the kids to a higher level. Security is something like I've never seen. I've been to other schools and walked In and out and no one has even noticed. This is a really Good school. I get emails of everything that is going and even what homework is due for each teacher. The fact that my child is in a safe school and exceeding In academics it's a wonderful thing. It's a perfect school to transition the kids now days from Elementary to middle and then High school. People complain but why is your child still there? There is a lot of schools out there, and if you are not happy go else where.

- submitted by a parent
May 02, 2013
Bad school. Teachers suck, office is not helpful and its hard to contact the principal. They care more about the uniform then about the grades. Only a few good teachers care. The rest do NOT seem qualified to be working with children. They are rude and ridicule the students in front of the class. They hustle with teaching things for the exams at the end of the year meanwhile the students do not understand the material thus they fail or they have a bad grade. Security is rude and half of them cant speak English. The school is small and located in a bad place. The traffic is terrible. Victims of bullying get punished for fighting back and they have a terrible curriculum. They will put your child in a class they are not ready for even if you disagree and it`s at the expense of your child`s grades. Overall terrible school, hate it here. Moving next year. Tired of them always begging for money and not using it the right way. The dance room does not have the right flooring making it accident prone. The lab has no equipment. There is no P.E field so you do push-ups and sit-ups on the nasty gravel were cars pass. AND you have to pay for printing.They care more for a stupid coffee machine.

- submitted by a community member
April 30, 2013
It is our first year here. My son has some teachers that are excellent but the advance/gifted classes are limited in scope and variety. The administration is the worst I have seen. They are hostile and unprepared. The principal should be more visible and available to the students and parents. There is bullying and not enough has been done to stop it. The high school students run around kissing and touching inappropriately right in front of the security and the administrators and the behavior is not reprimended.

- submitted by a parent
August 11, 2012
A parents experience and opinion about PPMH. My son was in PPMH and I can truly say he did not learn anything new for two years. The work is not challenging enough and teachers do not put any effort in making sure the students are actually learning. All staff members lack in communication, the school lacks good programs to say the least.Their priority is how the students look (uniform,etc) rather than focusing on how to create a better learning environment, secure and higher education. The principal and office staff is not professional at all and many do not even speak proper English or correct grammar in communications. The principal is not always in the school.Initially the school had open enrollment they accepted all types of students including students w/bad disciplinary record therefore the school doesn't have the best behaved students or excelling students. The AP doesn't dress appropriately for a school environment. She should take a "How to Dress for Work" class. PPMHs admin. has completely lost control and should really consider shutting down the school. Parents who are searching for schls should really consider another schl that offers good challenging academic programs

- submitted by a parent
May 01, 2012
i have already been in this school for 3 years now. and i must say it is one of the worst schools i have ever seen. i cant wait to leave already. the principle is never in the school, neither are the teachers. students skip class almost every day. most students are always high and the administration doesnt even care. believe me, all you parents out there that are thinking about putting your child in this school, please dont make the same mistake me and my parents made. there are plenty of middle & highschools out there that i promise are better than ppmh. john a. ferguson, g holmes braddock and many more are worth putting your child in the school. but pinecrest? never. please parents BE AWARE! dont make your child go through this. there is also alot of bullying. and yet, no consequences for the bullies. i understand that there is bullying in all schools but pinecrest is just too much. i feel so bad for all of us that are stuck in this horrible school. other than the bullying and the teachers, the educationg here is not good. there are barely any sports and horrible electives. so please parents dont make this mistake.

- submitted by a student
July 25, 2011
This is a good school, personally, I have never had any issues at any level. I email the administration and teacher and they respond within hours. After reading the other ratings, I could state that the administration knows my child by name, I am active in my child's school life and with the school activities. The teachers have always helped me with my child.

- submitted by a parent
May 21, 2011
The teachers do not truly care about the student, they are not warned about college requirements, there is no interaction between principal, STAFF AND PARENTS. staff members including office staff are rude and have no communication with parents.

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2011
God help any child that is attending this school. If you are seeking a school that sets your kids up for failure then you found the school. The PRINCIPAL IS NEVER IN THE SCHOOL, not in the office, not in the classrooms, and not on the grounds. The teacher speak to the kids with profanity and they are more disorganized than a 1st grader. Students are not given books because they run out teachers blame the administration. Administrators have no excuses. Kids "hangout" outside the classrooms sitting on the floors boys wear their uniforms with the shirts tucked out, no ties some even go to school with sandals. There is no punishment for bullying, cursing or provoking obscene gestures. A security guard once told my daughter that if he were to loose his job he was going to "hunt her down" and make her pay. He even went to the extent of asking one of her friends "where does she live" When you call to speak to the principal the response are as follows: She's not available, she's in a meeting, she not in today. THEY WILL ACCEPT YOUR CHILD IN THE SCHOOL JUST FOR FUNDING Arrival and dismissal at the school is not a nightmare it's dangerous. One day a kid will be hit by a CAR.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2011
I am very disappointed in the operation of the school and its staff. The office is very disorganized when it comes to important paperwork and student files. The teachers are not as concerned with their students as I think they should be. When asking the math teacher for help, she responded to my daughter, "Look it up on the computer." I understand that this is the year 2011 but I do not believe that textbooks are obsolete and that a computer program is more capable than a teacher when it comes to guiding the children into learning new concepts. I am also disgruntled at the fact that the only way of open communication between a parent and teacher is through e-mail. I sent once and never heard back.....I waited over two weeks for a response and sent more than one. They also do not know your child on a personal level as they claim. I withdrew my child who was having difficulties and not receiving the help she deserved and the registrar asked me why she was being withdrawn since her grades were fantastic (My daughter was failing at the time.) They need to work on organization, restructuring how they teach and hire more qualified educations. Parents, BEWARE!

- submitted by a parent
March 21, 2011
my son was sick for more than a week i went to school for some home work and they always told me to come back and i never got the HW for him. I know the school is new but they have to start to do something to improved the grades and the school spectations because the good students going to start moving to another school.

- submitted by a parent
November 01, 2010
I understand that the school is new but...they could have used the money the collected spent on better things than TVs and those fancy classroom monitors. Kids need to be taken to parks for their sports practices. Ever heard of a PE field at school? HELLO they could have put that in the building plans. The drop-off and dismissal routine they have is HORRIBLE!!! Even though students are in the drop-off line are considered late because the entrance line of cars block the exit line of cars. And they do not want you to drop them off at the side walk (Which I understand for safety reasons), but they should have the line of cars flowing a little faster.

- submitted by a parent
no rating May 25, 2010
I must say i have never hated a school as much as i hate this one. The teachers dont care about the students (the only teacher that actually cares is the art teacher), the principal is never around, the students are corrupt, and the staff cares more about material things then they do for their students. All they want is your money. WORST SCHOOL EVER. Never consider enrolling your child in this school.

- submitted by a student

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Pinecrest Preparatory Academy Charter High School
14901 Southwest 42nd Street, Miami, FL  33185
(305) 559-8583
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