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How do I know which public school belongs to an address?


ariana January 11, 2009

Hi! I am living in South America, but will be relocated to the US with my 2 kids on april. I am looking for a house, but have been told that I have to choose the school first. Is there a place or a website where I can check which school belongs to a specific address? I am interested in sending them to DevonAire. Does anyone have an advise or can tell me how the public school system works in order to enroll your kids.
Thanks in advance!

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healthy11 January 11, 2009

Welcome! Every school district is slightly different in terms of how they handle enrollment. Some are very specific and where you live determines which school your child attends, while others have "school choice" or "magnet school options" and there may be a "lottery" for open seats in other schools in the area.
Your best bet it to phone the school district you're interested in, during their normal open hours, and ask what they require. A local real estate agent might be able to give you some advice as well, but I wouldn't buy a home without verifying with the school district, that it's in the school zone you want your children to attend (sometimes school districts change their boundaries from year to year to prevent overcrowding....)
It will probably be best to get certified copies of your children's birth certificates and regular copies of their school and medical records before you leave your current country. Once here, they may need additional vaccines to show their medical charts are up-to-date... I hope this helps.


shareknowledge January 11, 2009

good advice healthy11. same happened to me when i relocated back to us from south america. there is much to share.... but healthy11 covered the bases.


ariana January 11, 2009

Thanks a lot for the information! It's really hard to move to a different country with kids :(. I would like to give them the best and I honestly don't know if I am doing things right :) I will do what you told me, and will call the schools. Thanks again!! Ariana

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