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Are there any elementary schools in Miami florida that have ADHD programs for a Kindergardner going into 1st.


yajairahmmd April 7, 2008

My son is ADHD and he is faceing getting left back. He is not in a special class and I would like to know if there are any programs out there for children with ADHD.

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Lourdesandres July 15, 2008

My son has ADHD and is facing 5th grade every years is has been horrible for him .I dont want him to hate schools so I would like to find a school that would be best for him in the Miami Fl area.


Sola227 September 10, 2008

There is a school in Miami called the Roig Academy. It specializes in ADHD children as well as children who are advanced and need additional enrichment. I think they have a few campuses mainly in the Pinecrest area.


chinadom September 21, 2008

I am in the same dilemma with my 7y/o boy. He goes to Silver Bluff Elem. and his first prog. report this yr was devastating I can just feel him slipping through the cracks in this school system. I think we should call the Miami Dade Public school's and gets some answers from them. There has to be a program designed for them If not am up for designing one.


jshlackm September 27, 2008

I would suggest considering a Montessori school or Waldorf school, I believe there are a couple in the Palmetto Bay area. I'm actually a counselor who's worked with a lot of kids who were labeled ADHD - it can be resolved and the children can function fine when the factors triggering the ADD/ADHD pattern get addressed. The conventional approach to ADHD has significant drawbacks so I use a holistic, drug-free approach. Stress of regular school environments can foster or aggravate ADHD so it is wise to find the best educational setting. You can get free info from me at - I'm happy to assist anyone wishing to help children diagnosed ADHD.


twinsmom2 November 11, 2008

My friend's son, who struggled in kindergarten and 1st grade, now goes to Fisher-Feinberg Elementary School, a public school in Miami Beach that has special small classes that include ADHD students. He is now thriving and enjoying school -- a relief to his parents.


fi0f5h November 20, 2008

I am not sure if your child has been tested or if he qualifies for the ESE program. If he has not been tested, I encourage you to talk to his teacher and have him tested. If they discourages you, keep insisting until they do. I've found out that some schools don't want to test the kids because of budget issues. Remember you are your childs advocate. The Exceptional Student Education Program have qualified teachers who are trained to handle children with ADHD, ADD, LD, Autism, etc. He may also qualify for inclusion classes. One additional note, I have a child who has ADD, Dyslexia and Brain Seizure Disorder. I have found that Nutrition is very important in building good brain development. I've started giving my natural supplements of Omega 3-6-9 and he has shown great improvement. He is more "focused", he can concentrate better, and is less jittery. He can finally sit through an hour of homework! I hope this information helps.


Moskva June 1, 2009

I know that Miami public schools do not provide special programs for such children.

BUT, Be ready at Public schools:

It can so to appear that the school Management can see in ADHD children of almost abnormal children, especially the teacher. School sent to me the instruction how to prepare for the test of the child with mentally retarded development. I have thrown out it in a garbage can. With great difficulty me and husband had to convince a school management that our child knows all and to prove it only on independent (!) testing.
And independent testing has proved that our child knows all from the school program.

Be ready to such step from school - if your child does not pass FCAT test it will want to send again to study in the same class repeatedly. Here it cannot be admitted!

Remember about independent testing!

I wish you to surrender never at what or diagnoses from school and not to lose courage!!

Also I wish you the teacher who would concern your child with understanding. It is very important for us parents.
Yours faithfully Moskva.


jmesa1009 April 13, 2010

Miami Research Associates is enrolling kids with ADHD to participate in research studies. They have a board certified psychiatrist (the director of child psychiatry at Miami Childrens) that may be able to help your child by enrolling in the study. All the exams are free and they pay you for coming to the office visits....Their number is 305.665.5151.


brandon212 May 25, 2010

Yes there is schools for kids with ADHD cause my son has ADHD he he goes to a wonderful school where they take the time with each kid for them to learn, the school is called Just Kids Learning Center located at 12470 S.W. 8 St and the teacher there is very helpful she takes her time with each kids to teach them.

If you need more information let me know and goodluck.


bernie301 October 17, 2010

The is a wonderful school that handles "ADHD" by simply educating the child. They uniformly handle students and bring them up to grade level.
They find out what the child is interested in and what is the actual level of understanding and start there by clearing up confusions and bringing them up to grade level.

The student actually start to like school!

They also teach manners! (This often produces a positive effect in the whole family!)

The school is called Help Miami they are in the Miller Square Shopping Mall at the corner of SW 56th St. and SW 137th.

HELP Miami
13828 SW 56th Street
Miami, FL 33175
Phone: (305) 752-4003

Check it out at:

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