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Wanting to move from Miami, Fl. to Corona, CA. in January or February


kialocs December 5, 2011

I am really thinking about moving from Miami to Corona, CA. in the next two months. However, I have a 9th grader that of course does not want to move and I am really concerned about this. One reason is I am not sure if it will be a good idea to make this transition now or wait until she has completed her 9th grade year. Please do give you truth...

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grisso11 December 11, 2011

Well I Live In Costa Mesa , California Wright by corona Its Rich And Stuff But ITs So Pretty(: And Everybody is so nice!! Its Super Safe Too I Swear Its so safe everybody looks at for eachother i wouldnt wanna go on the beach Because It Gets Very Load And Stuff Yea WIll I Hope This Helped(:
Ps. Ur Daughter would <3 it when she gets there


annmarielight February 19, 2012

i recommend that you go in person for a couple of weeks and check it out for your self. we moved the family to a new state and my daughter was doing ok in florida.she was a 8th grader in a recommended school in Albuquerque and found out florida has the best programs so when she failed and was starting to get counciling for her depression we moved back and her grades improved dramatically within 2 months.i found out that change is not always good for our kids
good luck!

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