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Sitori January 30, 2012

I currently live in Homestead. We moved here from Clearwater 4 years ago and have had my son in child care centers/private preschool. He just turned 5 and will be going to kindergarten in the fall. I am petrified of finding a place for him! I refuse to put him in a school in Homestead, except for possibly Waterstone Charter. Does anyone know anything about this school and how it is? Is there a waiting list?

I would love to put him in a private school but can't afford it. I'm still in school myself.I was hoping to put him in Concordia Lutheran school just for Kindergarten and then hopefully move somewhere by the time he's in 1st grade but I'm not sure i'll even be able to afford that at this point.

We were talking about moving closer in to Miami but would need information on which school district's are highly rated. Could someone please point me in some sort of direction, or give me some advice on some good schools/area's that aren't insanely expensive??? If there are any affordable private schools or montessori schools? Or possibly a good location for a public elementary school??


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bcushaney February 9, 2012

I almost wondered if I had posted this. I am a single mom of two (ages 2 and 4 1/2) same problem, just relocated over the summer to be with parents and looking to move so my son can go to a good school. He is turning 5 in August. I went to the Keys Gate Charter orientation..Truthfully I was not impressed. I am a teacher in Broward (long commute) and their response at Keys Gate to my question of the biggest difference between public & charter was that they care for their students..."Excuse me" I am working for free for my students if you take into account the travel expenses..Anyway, I have no money for Private school - Only school I am considering here is Air Base Academy..


missjane February 10, 2012

Frank C. Martin in Richmond Heights is an excellent public school


Shinoana84 February 24, 2012

Hi...yes Frank C Martin is very good public school in the Richmond Heights area, which is maybe about 20 minutes from where you are in Homestead. Me personally I just dont agree with the public school system anymore. They are all about FCAT. My daughter is attending private school, 1st grade and already writes in cursive better than I do. And my niece that goes to Whispering Pines did not even know what cursive writing was. Im far from rich but yes my daughter goes to Cuter Ridge Christian Academy. There are programs that assist with scholarship funding. Just check out the step up for students scholarship, Im only paying $100 per month thanks to that scholarship for my daughter to go to private school.

Best wishes

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