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Gulliver vs Palmetto


apenateg July 11, 2012

What does Gulliver have to offer for $30K a year that Palmetto does not give? We are in the process of choosing a school for our high schooler in the area of Pinecrest.

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bklyn65 August 27, 2012

The only Differance is the $30.000 a year and no FCAT save your money and send him or her to Coral reef were they will get the same or better education


bweinkle September 15, 2012

Gulliver offers small classes and more individualized attention. Better extra-curricular options, a clean and safe campus with excellent technology and facilities. I feel that I am on a team with the teachers and guidance counselor to guide my daughter toward college, adulthood, success.


Camokru January 8, 2013

A better alternative to Gulliver for 30.000 a year is Ransom Everglades in Coconut Grove (lots of Pinecrest families prefer to drive a little further for an education here), and as a public alternative to Palmetto, I would also look at Coral Reef High School's IB magnet program or Terra Environmental Research Institute (a little further, though).

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