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miami elementary schools with integration programs for spectrum kids?


cortezh6 September 17, 2012

we will be moving to miami soon, and my 4yo has PDD-NOS. can anyone recommend elementary with good intrgrated/mainstramed programs for very high functioning spectrum kids?

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Benjasmom October 15, 2012

Pickings are slim in Miami (Florida in general compared to other states). Best one I found after careful research: Childrens Resources on 112 Street and 87 Ave. For schools claiming integration check the qualifications of the actual teacher not just the therapist who provides therapies.
For public schools getting into the Fiddler program.
Good luck!


Bunnynana December 11, 2012

If you can get into a Pre-K LEAP program through FDLRS I highly recommend it- both of my daughters went to Palmetto Elementary School LEAP and it is a wonderful program- only half day though.
Lots of luck!

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