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Coral Reef v. Robert Morgan HS


smithc September 27, 2012

Can anyone share their good/bad experiences with either Robert Morgan or Coral Reef HS? I'd like to know as I'm considering these two as options for HS. Thanks in advance!!

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MagnetMom October 2, 2012

Hi smithc!

You can compare the two schools here:

Type in the info for each school, and you can compare test scores, parent reviews and more.

Good luck!


PBParent23 December 27, 2012

Robert Morgan doesn't offer as many high level classes such as AP or IB. If your child is not going to take those classes, it might be better to go to RM because, if they go to CR and don't take APs, they will be at the bottom of the class because of weighted GPA. But if they want AP classes, it's better to go to Coral Reef. Also, it depends if they want programs only offered at one school or the other. RM has more vocational options such as catering.


smithc December 30, 2012

Thank you PBParent23 for your reply.
That helps me to understand RM's level of academics
a little better.
Overall as a school is RM a decent school?

Thank you again!

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