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lesly0202 June 10, 2013

I just want to get an idea more or less how is pinecrest prep. I know there a lot of mix reviews from this school. My son will be starting this year and i just want to know what to expect more or less and when will the parents get to meet the teachers. I really do not want to compare it to EKB (lol) because that school I know is excellent but keeping the comparison away what to like and dislike about pine crest. I know pinecrest has another campus which is the cove and from what I heard some of the old teachers transfer to the campus. Also when the parent attend orientation what can I expect on that day. all the help I can get to see what I decided will gladly appreciate it whether after a year i keep my son in that school or not. Thank you :)

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MagnetMom August 18, 2013

Hi lesly0202,

Sure looks like you have a lot to look forward to. Read the parent reviews here:

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