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Need school recommendation in Florida


lh303030 January 7, 2009

My daughter is 7 and repeating 1st grade and I am looking for a school that specializes in Language Processing disorders (she also has ADHD) but the processing is the main frustration with school and life in general for her. She has a high IQ so I do not want her in a school with children with severe learning disabilities or low intelligence issues. I am willing to relocate within 3 hours of Tampa area of Florida or can also go near Provo Utah (bound by divorce decree to live in either of these areas) Any help woulf be great. She already goes to outside therapies etc - So I just am looking for school advice

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healthy11 January 7, 2009

Are you looking for private schools that specialize in kids with LDs/ADHD? If so, this listing may help:
For general information and support, I'd like to invite you to join Greatschools Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at
There is a "separate term" used for gifted kids with ADHD and/or LD, and that's "2e" or "twice exceptional." I've compiled a lot of 2e resources here:

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