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Where could my son learn French ?.


isabellecrider April 29, 2012

We just moved to Tampa last year and our son is entering Kindergarten this year.
Being French myself, I was looking for a school where I could make sure that my son could have French option. I then signed him in IB Mac Farlane Elementary one of the only schools where French is, in high school, an option. Unfortunately, we got denied. Does anybody know about an international school in Tampa's area ?
Thanks in advance.

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coryp1 June 17, 2012

There is also Roland Park IB however IB schools are done by attendance zones. At the Elementary level languages aren't really offered other than English, however once you get to the middle school level you have two IB schools (Walker and Williams) and then at the high school level even many (actually most) of the traditional high schools offer French.

There are also private IB schools, there are many, one I know of from memory is Carrollwood Day however I'm not sure if they still offer French.

Hope this helps :).

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