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mila0927 June 30, 2012

We are moving to Tampa within next month or so and looking for a house but the school is our first priority. Of course we don't know anything about the areas, neighborhoods, etc. We are looking at Tampa Palms and Valrico. What I don't understand is that even if you leave at a close proximity to a great school attendance is not a guarantee?! How does it work in Hillsborough county? My daughter is in the gifted program and comes from one of the top ten schools in the state of Florida and I don't want to lower the standard. Any suggestion, info, advise would be highly appreciated!! Thank you

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lilmunky July 10, 2012

If you live in the distract it is guaranteed, If you live outside district it is not. I would recommend Valrico . We just bought a house here and the community is nice and laid back. Good luck with your move. If you have any questions I would be glad to help :) We moved here almost 3 years ago and I know exactly the confusion you are going thru.


beth4994 July 10, 2012

My son just graduated from Bloomingdale High School, they had 46% of the class of 2012 graduate with Honors (3.0 gpa or higher). The students have also already received over $7 million in scholarship funds. In my opinion this is one of the greatest high schools in the area. As far as middle schools, the options are a magnet school (Progress Village seems to be highly recommended), Burns is near Bloomingdale or of course Florida Virtual School if you want to take that route.
I graduated from Brandon High School, but have heard many terrible things about both Mann Middle School and Brandon High School recently.
Overall, Fishhawk is a great area, but homes are pricey. My advice would be to research the school you want to put her in then find out what the boundaries are.
She is guaranteed to be placed in her area school, but has the "choice" to go to school elsewhere if space is available. Hillsborough County also offers both magnet and charter schools. Check the website because I believe the final "lottery" is going on now.
Hope this helps!!


aliciavieira July 14, 2012

mila0927 what school did you decide on finally ? I am moving to Tampa around October and have 3 kids 1 elementary, 1 middle and 1 high school so trying to find an area with good schools in all


CookieMonsters July 31, 2012

We live in New Tampa (northern Hillsborough county) and specifically moved here for the schools. We've been here for four years and have gone from elementary to middle school with our girls attending their neighborhood schools. You have to check what is considered your homes neighborhood school. You are always guaranteed a spot at your neighborhood school. We are very pleased with our location choice. All the schools in this area rate well in the 7-10 range. You will want to look for houses in specific communities. West Meadows, Tampa Palms, Hunters Green, and Cross Creek (most these are CDD-HOA neighborhoods and gated). Do not cross the county line into Pasco county make sure you stay in northern Hillsborough county, the cheaper taxes of Pasco may appeal to you but the school district is not nearly as good. Blunt honesty here, Valrico is a dump and their schools rate poorly compared to New Tampa.

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