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Input on Where to Rent....great Elementary Schools


jstraub July 9, 2012

Hi There! We will be relocating from Cincinnati, Ohio the Tampa area 3-6 months. We have a 3 year old and 6 year olds. Our top priority is finding a neighborhood that is safe/family friendly with great schools. My husband will have to travel to Sarasota frequently and I will be teaching at USF near the Moffitt Cancer center. We want to find a school that has a history of excellence, is not overly large (want my son to be known by his name not a number), and can be within a decent commute (no more than an hour) in an area with other younger professional families. We will be renting the first year to get a feel for Tampa before we settle where we want to buy.We had heard good things about some of the northern areas such as safety harbour, palm harbour,tarpon springs, wesley chapel.....however, I didn't know with my husband need to travel to Sarasota if there were some excellent neighborhoods and schools on the southern end of things? I have been looking at the city data and school digger websites but wanted some real input from real moms. If there are any moms that are also teachers....I would be interested in your input on the florida educational system and your input.This has turned into such a big research project and is hard to accomplish when we are so far away. Thanks so much for your time and advice!

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lilmunky July 10, 2012

The Elementary schools in South Tampa are good but the middle schools and High schools are not. If you are looking to be there awhile I would stay away from South Tampa . It is drug infested and seems like most of the parents either don't have a clue what is going on or simply don't care. If you are ok with a little commute I would recommend outside of Tampa all together . We recently moved to Valrico and it is wonderful and my husband works in Tampa and the commute is not bad if you use the expressway to Tampa.

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