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Looking for decent public elementary school and school for pre-k at south tampa please help me!Me and my husband moved here i...


April08 August 9, 2012

Looking for decent public elementary school and school for pre-k at south tampa please help me!

Me and my husband moved here in the US Tampa Florida for 4 years now and yet we are still not familiar with the place and everything seems new to us. My son is 4 years old now and can read, knows abc's, numbers, shapes and colors I know that he should be in pre-k before I can enroll him to kindergarten. My concern is our lease is up here at carrollwood and we want to move back to south Tampa. I am now looking for houses and apartments that meets our budget. I am a housewife and we only have 1 car. I am looking for pre-k school and elementary school where I can just walk to drop my son. I checked clipper bay and they told me west shore elementary school is the nearest school. I don't want my son to ride school bus at early age since safety is most important for us. I hope somebody could help me on which apartment, house or area that has a near elementary school or pre-k school that offers excellent job in providing education. Thank you so much!

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trperm August 17, 2012

First of all Clipper Bay is HORRIBLE!!!! Especially if you are coming from Carrollwood you will be mortified at the way the people there live.. You can't even walk to your car at night alone.. Public housing is right next door at Gardens at South Bay and the police are called there probably 3 times a night.. NOT Exaggerating...

As far as the Public schools in that S. Tampa area.. Chiaramonte Elementary is THE BEST!! I am 41 and I went there as a child.. My 18 year old went there and my 11 year old just left to go to 6th grade.. Mrs. Valenti the principal is amazing.. Mrs. Cornet the assistant principal is wonderful.. It is truly a GREAT school they make each child feel important and the communication is great.. Tell them Tracy & Devanie sent you they will know who we are!!!... Circle "C" Ranch Academy is a pre-K accredited school that has Free Voluntary VPK if you get there in time.. They have horses, Cows, Chickens, Goats, Swimming lessons it is an amazing school as well for VPK. They are also a day care kinda of costly but worth every dime if you can afford it. They also take the vouchers from TITLE 20 thru the Childcare assistance program thru the State of Florida.

Finding an economical apartment in the area isn't that hard.. I just don't think Clipper Bay or Clipper Cove are where you want to raise your child.

There is Clarice Court Apartments $625.00 for a (2) Bedroom
small no pool but nice residents and very large apartments.
Colonial Village (Utilities included) Very NICE residents the manager (Jan) is very nice.. HUGE HUGE Apartments Older but nice...

Check it out. Hope this helped.!!


April08 August 21, 2012

Hi trperm! Thank you for your reply. We are just inquiring at clipper bay and clipper cove and I'm glad we still look for other options. We are in carrollwood right now do u know a good school around the area? We only have 1 car so I'm gonna walk my son to go to pre-school. Do u know a friend or a realtor who could help us look for a place near school? I am getting desperate because school year starts now and my son is still not enrolled yet I really feel sorry for him :( I hope you could help me

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