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How to discipline a 7 yr old for 1st time cheating on a spelling test?


kprincess74 January 23, 2009

My 7 yr old daughter came home from school with a note on her spelling test saying she had cheated. I had her write out 100 time I will not cheat, took the tv away for the evening and talked to her about why cheating is not exceptable. Am I being to hard on her?

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MSMomm January 29, 2009

For the future, you might want to have her write her spelling words five times each one night (if the teacher doesn't already ask students to do so), and the night before her test, give her a pre-test of her words. For the incorrect words, have her write them again three to five times.

As far as the act of cheating, definitely talk to your daughter and find out why she cheated and explain why cheating is unacceptable.


Janette February 1, 2009

My 7-year-old was caught cheating on a spelling test too. We talked to him about it, banned him from the TV for a week, and then let it go.

His little seven-year-old mind thought that missing a spelling word was a worse crime than cheating on a test. We had to reassure him that while we want him to get all his spelling right, we'd rather he missed a few than cheat on a test.


amordemadre February 1, 2009

I think the consequences you gave were very fair, and I applaud you for taking the issue seriously. I am an elementary teacher and have unfortunately had to write such notes on tests. The next day when I ask the child what their consequence was, on numerous occassions they will say "nothing. My mom just told me not to do it again" When I ask them if they were told why they shouldn't do it again, they say "no". Unfortunately for these students, the only consequences they ever receive are from me (and I am very limited as to what I can do. I can not even have them write a sentence repeatedly as parents can). I worry about them. I am happy to hear there are still parents who take these issues seriously.


yoselin February 2, 2009

I think your being a little to hard on her.If it was her first time you should have just asked her why and instead of making her write down 100 time i will not cheat you should have tooken her favoret thinf away for 2 weeks and made her say she was sorry to who she cheated from.


spiffychic79 May 12, 2009

Although your punishment was not too hard on her at all, did you get to the root of the cheating? I remember cheating in 1st grade for a math test and it was all because I was tired of getting the answers wrong and having to "hear about it" from my mom the next day. I didn't get caught, but I eventually resolved the issue on my own.
Although all situations are different, you showed your daughter that you do not tolerate this sort of behavior, which, hopefully, will translate into other aspects of life when it comes to lying and cheating as well.
However, most 7 year olds, when usually well behaved, good students, do decide to cheat or lie, probably have a reason for it. Otherwise, no, your punishment is fair & shows it's purpose clearly. In a world full of people afraid to upset their children with discipline, it's nice to see there's still a few of us out there!


Heena1 May 12, 2009

Taking fav. thing/toy/tv time should be fine for a week or so. Making her write 10 times fine, but 100 times - I think that was harsh. 7 yrs old, their finger bones are not ready to write so much.... Talking to her in a calm environment also should help. I would also keep an eye on her next tests to see if our talk has given some positive results.
As far as I know, all parents want the best for their kids and as for the comment from the teacher - that after checking with the kids if parents talked about it or not... well, all kids do not open up to the teachers and not even to parents at all times......
Finally what matters is that she comes out of the cheating habit by understanding why it is wrong and not by the fear of punishment....

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