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Free or low-cost preschools in Raleigh NC


CjsMommy08 April 13, 2011

Hi does anyone from the raleigh area have any information on free-low cost preschools i have a 2 year old and i just moved 2 the state and wanted 2 look into some type of schooling that is low-cost as i am still looking for work. So if anyone can help please do thanks

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MagnetMom April 14, 2011

Hi, Cjsmommy08.

You can get a list of the preschools in Raleigh here:

You might want to focus on "Y" type programs or preschools at park and recreation locations. They often are lower cost. You might also look into Mommy and Me type classes.

Don't discount private schools, as many have some type of scholarship available.

Good luck.

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