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smart enough to move on....


kristiw1821 April 30, 2011

My son tested in early to Kindergarten this past school year. In planning this move for our child, we figured we would hold him back again in Kindergarten not because he wasn't smart enough to move on, but because of his age. Not wanting him to go through school a whole year younger. He IS SMART ENOUGH to move on to 1st grade, but maturity is a factor. In AZ they passed a law that you can not repeat Kindergarten...with this dilemma, he now has to move to first grade. Do i pay to put him in a private school to repeat Kindergarten? Do I have him go to first grade, then move him to another school and repeat 1st grade? a little confused....

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cooldanerd April 30, 2011

If your son is smart enough to move on to 1st grade, then he should. However, I understand what you're going through. Maybe you could put him in a private school so he can participate in Kindergarten activities, but teach him 1st grade stuff at home, or you can try and find a kindergarten or 1st grade with kids his own age. This is what happened for math prodigy Terry Tao, and it worked out great.

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