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Movingo from Brazil to Chicago!


VivianBrazil August 21, 2011

hi, my husband received a job offer to move, live and work in Chicago.
We have 2 kids(8 years-old and 4 yeas-old). I really don't know how can I start. The school system in Brazil is very different that in the US.
My son will complete 9 years-old this year and he is at the 3a grade.My daugther will complete 5 years-old in November and here in Brazil she is at kinder garden (fase 2).
My husband will be going to Chicago to check about the job and also try to find a place that we can rent.
The school year in Brazil finished in December and star again in March but I know that in the US is different. How can I proceed? Because we will be moving probably in January, 2012.
As I've been reading, is better we find a great public school and so look for a house close to this school. What neighborhood do you suggest?
His job will be at West Ohio street, close to the lake.

We would like to live not too far away from his job but find a great school is our priority.
So, could you indicate a school name and a suburb that I could look for a house/apartament.

Also, I am very worried because we are from Brazil. I don't know if is common the schools accept students from other country.
I've been trying to practice some English with them and I know that once we will be leaving in the US they will learn very fast.

I need a help to find a great school in a great neighborhood and that have a little of experience with foreign students that could give us some support.

Please, any information will be great.

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MagnetMom August 24, 2011

Make sure your husband talks to the HR department at his new job. They should be able to help, or even help pair you with an employee with similarly aged kids.

School here does run from September to June, so that will be a bit of a challenge. And you should look at neighborhoods with good schools before you settle on housing.

As soon as you know which school, take some of their course work in with you and speak to the administration at the school. They can help you decide which grade level for each child.

Good luck!


TeacherParent August 28, 2011

You could try that website above for a start but I'd suggest getting in touch with Brasilians living in Chicago - they would have good advice for you as to good Chicago schools and good neighborhoods.
Do you have any friends living in the States? Any friends of friends living in the States? E-mail them all and ask who they know in Chicago.

Public schools are required to accept your children once you're living in the States - don't worry about that. It is common here that children from other countries attend U.S. schools - especially in big cities like Chicago.

The school year begins in September but your children can enroll whenever you come. Summer vacation here is from the middle of June to late August. January is a good time to start because there is a winter vacation from school that goes from about Dec. 23 to January 2nd or 3rd.

Welcome to the States - Chicago is a great city and I'm sure you'll have a great experience there. It has a Brasilian cultural center that you could likely find online.

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