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Talking during lunch in Elementary school


S_Graalum January 4, 2012

We moved to a new state and my girls are upset because they can't talk during lunch? I've never heard of this and it seems crazy to me. I could understand if the kids are wasting food and not eating perhaps or maybe there's clique issues in 3-4th grades (our ES is K-4). We are in an affluent area so while brattiness may be an issue, I can't imagine the behavior during lunch would be any different than during recess. (Also, the teacher lines the kids line up and they must eat next to the person in line. So if your buddy from 1st grade isn't in the same class when your in 2nd grade there's no chance of sitting next to him/her.) I never thought to ask when looking for a school whether the kids could talk during lunch.

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shopfor3 January 17, 2012

at home, we encourage conversation during meal time and then they go to school and being suppressed to do this. as a lunchroom mom, it hurts to see all the children being shut up during lunch. the parents and even some teachers i know are furious about this policy but the principal is not backing down. so we left the school for so many other reasons. one of the first comments my children made about their new school is, "we can talk all we want at lunch!" and so they had been coming home with stories from lunch and or recess. it feels good to know that they are able to speak freely even for just 30 minutes of their school day.


dansgma May 29, 2013

The first few weeks of 2nd grade my grandson was crying everyday about school. He had no adjustment problems in PreK, K, or 1st grade. We found out it was the lunch teacher screaming at them for talking at all. Also she read them a story and expected them to take the AR quiz on the book. So I attended lunch with him and heard her tell them to "shut their mouths". I addressed it with her but she gave the lame excuse that lunches cost more and they need to eat all their food. Actually her screaming was worse than the chatter of the kids. Also, his teacher would make the kids that didn't finish their papers to take them outside for recess and line up against the wall while the other children were playing. We're leaving this school!


BUCKRULES August 4, 2013

Wow! Everyday with no talking. I know in elementary school and even in middle school sometimes when the lights went out you had to be quiet and get in a seat so garbage could be thrown away and dismissal could happen but I have never heard of not being able to talk at all. I would inquire the reasons for this.

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