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Relocating to Cincinnati


AliJaz March 20, 2012

I currently live in a small town and my daughter is 9 years old. My husband has gotten a new job in Cincinnati and we are evaluating school districts and of course looking for a new home. Is anyone familiar with Cincinnati and able to provide suggestions of where we should start? Thank you!

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MagnetMom March 20, 2012

Hi AllJaz,

A few suggestions. First start here: You can look for districts near your husband's work and find school districts that seem to appeal to you. You'll be able to look at school ratings and look at parent reviews.

Secondly, most companies with an HR department can easily connect your family with a family that has children close in age to yours. You can find out which schools they're in, what the commute times are like, and what amenities are available (Boy Scouts, soccer, parks, etc).

Finally, talk to a real estate professional. They're well-versed in communities--it's their business. So ask for areas that have all the things you need with realistic commute times to where your husband works with great schools.

Good luck!


AliJaz March 20, 2012

Thank you, MagnetMom!


MomOfOne2000 June 6, 2012

Have lived in Cinci for 16 years - have a twelve year old daughter.
Kilgour Elementary in Mt Lookout is a blue ribbon of excellence winner. We live in Mt Lookout- nice neighborhood,friendly. We chose the private school route- had a bad experience with a Montessori school, then switched to a "school for homeschoolers" and have been delighted with it. Best education and social environment is wonderful - they have a very effective zero tolerance bullying policy, and students get a very individualized education.
Best of luck in your search - the right school is SO important!

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