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What to do when the girls are swearing and bullying?


MichaelTryn April 20, 2012

I had my daughter in a Catholic school last yr. andwe got by with the with religion at least.She did not feel comfortable with some kids. Now at the public school some girls push others to "look slutty" to fit in, Aeropostale,hair ext. and color.She even heard "ebonics" language by a trouble maker.That is why se DO NOT want a diverse school. We put our foot down,and the school admin talked to the girls but, are afraid to put in a STRONG dress code.The norm is divorced families and bad parents from what she tells us. We want to move N.W. and one school I found is a Forest Ridge in Bellevue. Are there ANY near Portland or Seattle I have missed. We don't need 4 credits of religion.Preferably a girls school.

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