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Safest areas in the the carolinas?


chelseataylor August 31, 2012

Our family of 4, including our 7 and 5 year olds, are looking to relocate to either coastal(ish) North or South Carolina. We are looking for clean, safe, and fun areas of interest. We would like to be no more than 30min away from the ocean, and do not want to be in the mountains. Having children, we love visiting the city, but would prefer to live outside the hsutle and bustle. Shopping and entertainment a must as well. Any thoughts at all? We have only been through and stopped in a few towns in passing (including florence, where we were hsutled for money..what a nightmare. Moving down from Maine for better weather and opportunities. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks SO much!

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MagnetMom September 4, 2012

Hi chelseataylor,

A great place to start will be with a real estate professional. He or she would be able to take all your requirements as well as consider commute times to work, and targeting neighborhoods in your budget.

In the meantime, here's a great article to help get you started:

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