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i dont think my childs school is good


heather65482 October 8, 2012

my 5 yr old just started kindergarten he in beech st school in manchester nh i was told by allot of parents some that i know other that i would just be talking too that i school was relly bad and that there kids had gone to it an when movied the child was so far behind on lerning they faild there grade and the new school told them itnwas beacause beech st wasent up to where they where suppose to be . i dont have the money to move but i dont know what to do i dont wont my child to be beind my childs dentist told me tha her 5 yr old can read word bk her school teechig her too my child can not read nd school is not teechinghim yet

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TeacherParent October 8, 2012

Does your child enjoy school? There are always rumors floating around about different schools - not all of them are true. How many students are in your son's class? If your son has a reasonable class size and he seems to like his school, everything else usually falls into place.

If you want to help your son's reading skills, take him to the library every week to get new books. Even if he looks through picture books every night until he can start to read, that's still a very good thing to do. Take him to 'Story Hour" at your local library if they have one.

Not every 5 year old can read- many children don't start to read until they're six or seven.

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