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about my son


yahusain January 14, 2013

My son sometimes stammers while speaking...So what would be the reasons for that, and how can I help him.

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warminstermom January 27, 2013

Has your son been tested for ADHD? My daughter has it, and I took her to a speech therapist. It turned out she was a "clutterer." Her mind was going so fast, in order to get what was on her mind, it came out like stuttering. The therapist told us to tell her to slow down her speech, when she talks.


zackay January 27, 2013

My son also stammers. We just had a speech therapist come test him and he's qualifying for speech therapy for "fluency" issues. His speech is not "fluid". There should also be assistance available through your school/ Check with the nurse or school counselor.
Also, interesting that ADHD was brought up as we are planning on getting him tested for that as well. He's always been a bit "fidgety" but it's gotten much worse recently. I wonder if there is a correlation.

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