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Which elementary school in Cobb County?


latoyab October 23, 2008

My son and I will be moving to Atlanta, GA in Jan. I have read the reviews and everyone says great things about the schools in Cobb County. I'm trying to decide? He is in Kindergarten.

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mo30068 October 23, 2008

It depends on which part of the county you move to. The schools in North Cobb and East Cobb tend to have better test scores and lots of parent involvement.


rizsas October 23, 2008

I don't know much about GA. I do plan to oneday live down in the south and piece together my roots. Thank you for joining me and being my friend. I started my own advice on my page so click on my name sometime and read it. You meet alot of nice people here and talk about alot of oppurities and situtations that have happened you know. Well congrats on your move. How old is your son is he you only child? Write with you soon. Advice. Read and Relax make just 15 minutes for yourself to center your self and take out your fustrastions by reading drop a few tears what ever it takes but don't allow your children to see you all upset and fustrated because it just upsets them makes them sad and fustrates them. I sell books from sister soulijah her new one is midnight. Zane,maya Angelou,Nikki turner,Omar Tyree,Bill cosby and so many more spriritual books,fiction and cook books,childrens books,culture books. It all. None of them are over 35.99. They are maxiun right now is 25.99 I am not here to soliciate you or hunt you down to buy books. I thought you know. Just keep your head up and everything falls right into place don't worry.


ladyelaine October 24, 2008

We are extremely pleased with Tritt Elementary in east Cobb/Roswell. The school community is loving and supportive. The teachers are awesome and a great mix of seasoned veterans and excited "newbies." Just to illustrate the community support for the school, the school's private foundation just raised over $60K for extra equipment/materials/programs for the children. Even in these tighter times, this school community values the education here. Because of the foundation, the school has a staffed computer lab, a staffed and equipped science lab, extra playground equipment, and Spanish instruction that is over and above regular system funding. What happens in the classroom is absolutely stellar. Discipline expectations are high, curricular standards are too. They've just ranked in the top 10 schools in the state on their 3rd grade reading test scores. There are many after school programs--scouts, chess, yoga, art, ymca sports, etc--right there on campus after school for enrichment. My daughter is thriving there.


ncusip January 8, 2009

Do not know about Elementary schools, but East Cobb's Middle and High are the best.


tstar71 January 26, 2011

stay away from Hayes Elementary and Pine Mountain Middle school in kennesaw.....Kennesaw Mtn High is good though. I have heard bad things about Harrison and North Cobb High

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