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What preschool do you think is great in Kennesaw? Why?


chrispix August 14, 2008

What preschool do you think is great in Kennesaw? Why?

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DirectorMom April 1, 2009

Ambleside Academy in West Cobb - Kennesaw is a Christian Classical School for the Whole Child Pre-K - 12. It utilizes the Charlotte Mason Method which is similar to Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilio, but it has tremendous differences both in technique and content. Latin and Greek are part of the elementary school. 25% of the curriculum is devoted to fine arts. it bases much of its curriculum on the "great books". Its approach is the "mastery" approach. Its content is real and not targeted to tests.

My 14 year old daughter recently became immersed in medieval literature and is pursuing C.S. Lewis's works for students at England's Cambridge freshmen. My 10 year old loves New Testament Greek. She is completing an equivalent to what would be first year Latin at the high school level. Both of my daughters are bright and active in much beyond the traditional school...hours of ballet and instrument practice weekly. But they are not exceptional in anything except their regard for excellence and focus on their studies. The Ambleside philosophy makes a big difference while providing for their needs as creative people.

Ambleside Academy uses a unique parental partnership and mentoring program. Each child belongs to a specific "house" which meets with respect to student life and philanthropy.

Ambleside is an affordable preparatory school offering tuition assistance and scholarships. It has a sense of mission and ministry unlike so many of the commercially oriented day care centers offering "balance" and "ability" programs. A passion for excellence and the ability to enable the passion for learning and truth is difficult to find in the commercial world. Ambleside is not connected to any church but is moving to a new location within a local church this fall.
The website is


pattyh390 July 31, 2011

Primrose School of Kennesaw North.

They have an awesome curriculum, their teachers are well educated and well trained and they truly have the best interest of the children in mind. They've been around for many years and have a great reputation in our Kennesaw community,


magnydi August 30, 2011

Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic preschool has a wonderful reputation.

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