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Moving to Atlanta area from Raleigh


grade4teacher November 4, 2010

We are possibly relocating to Atlanta in the next few months. My husband's job will put him downtown, and we'd like to live as close as possible, but in a nice, safe area. Any suggestions on cities near this area that fit our criteria? He doesn't mind a small commute, but doesn't want to sit in traffic for hours.

I'm also a teacher and will be (eventually) looking to return to the classroom. I'd like to live near an area that has good schools, not only for me to teach in, but for my son to attend when he's school age.


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avondalemom November 7, 2010

I have lived in 30307 or 30030 for about the last 20 years. We just bought a house in Avondale Estates. So the area I know is the intown Atlanta corridor east of Dowtown Atlanta near Decatur, GA, about a 20 minute commute in rush hour, and also easily accessible by Marta train and bike commute. The Marta train you will find very handy when a car needs service and your husband can just go on to work without any hassles on the train. It's also great for going to the airport.

In that corridor, the best regarded public schools chain is probably City Schools of Decatur. Since you plan to return to teaching, you may be able to use that school system by getting a job there, and not have to actually buy in to the city. The city has tons to offer and is very safe. But real estate prices have stayed high and taxes are very high also.

Outside the city near Decatur:
Fernbank Elementary feeds into Shamrock Middle and Druid Hills High. FE and DHH are considered desirable, SM is not.

Just inside the city of Atlanta, Mary Linn Elementary is well regarded and its Candler Park neighborhood has lots of young families.

Now we just moved to Avondale Estates, which is a cute well-policed ITP (inside the perimeter) city of about 3000 with an active pool/tennis club, and tons of kids. But it does not have its own school system. What is does have: a charter elementary school called The Museum School which people are excited about. A DeKalb magnet called International Community School, which attracts kids from well-educated families around the area. Easy access to several private schools. There are county schools right here, but they draw from a lower socioeconomic pool and most AE residents avoid them.

But as stated, you can have the best of both worlds. You can send your kids to the system where you work.


garealtor December 27, 2010

Hi Cathy. I am a GA realtor and sell homes all over the Atlanta Area and suburbs of Atlanta. I deal with many clients with children that commute to the city. Your safest bet with having a shorter commute into the city bearing in mind safety, socio economic level and great solid schools is East Cobb County which consists of the towns of Marietta and parts of Roswell, GA. These are some of the top schools. Walton H.S. and Pope H.S. along with their feeder schools are all highly regarded. This is a beautiful suburban area with lots of shopping, great schools and closer into the city. Call me if you have any questions about the different areas. Being that I am a Real Estate Professional along with a mother of 3 I am very in tune to the schools and price points of real estate in each area. I would be happy to help you pick the best area for your family. Atlanta is a great place to live. I have relocated many families from out of state. Feel free to call me any time with any questions. 770-865-6888. You could also do searches on my website. Hope this helps.

Have a wonderful day.

Glori Kloda
Solid Source Realty


grade4teacher December 27, 2010

Thank you both of you for your replies!!! We're actually waiting to move for a little bit and the job that my husband interviewed for wasn't the right fit... and not worth the hassle of moving for. We're very interested in the area though and he's been getting more and more info about available jobs and will be looking to interview with more this spring.

Glori, when/if the time comes for us to actually move, I'll most definitely contact you. Thank you so much for your reply and offer to help assist us!!


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