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SSAT score - for Westminster


lsumardi January 20, 2011

I have a middle schooler who is applying to Westminster for the next school yr. Does anyone know what percentile of SSAT score will be in an acceptable range to get considered by Westminster? My hubby & I met 2 different couples (one at the Open House and the other one just at a soccer field) who are both applying to W as well. Somehow, both of them have children who scored in the >95% on their SSATs. My son just got his score yesterday and he got 78% (SSAT %tile). Do you think these 2 different couples were quoting the Est. Natl Percentile vs. SSAT %tile? I'm just not familiar at all with SSAT and wonder what's the average score range? Are there a lot of kids out there who get above 90% for their SSAT Percentile?

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