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If you could pick ANY public high school in Georgia...........


abeintn February 23, 2011

We are a family of four relocating to Georgia. We are fortunate that my husband's job allows him to be based anywhere in the State. Of course I am trying to find a great school, however I also know that is subjective. I want a school with high academic standards, but I do not want the basis of how the school runs to be based entirely on state scores. In my opinion, it takes away from the teachers ability to understand what makes kids tick, therefore making it diffcult to reach ALL kids.
I have two good kids that are your average type teenagers. I would say they are balanced, A & B students, but not academically gifted. I don't want to choose a school that does not encourage them to grow, simply because they do not fit the schools perception of the "desired student". I hope that made sense. I am also trying to find a high school that is NOT "cliquish". Although I thought I wanted to zone in on Alpharetta High School, the reviews are making me think it may not be a good fit. I am also considering Northview, which unfortunately seems to have similiar reviews as Alpharetta High School. Another school that is up for consideration is Walton High School, however it not my first choice of area to move into. I really like the atmosphere and conveniences of Alpharetta. So, if you could pick any public High School in Georgia, where would you sed your kids to and why?

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vdjackson March 3, 2011

I'm a mom of three and I currently have a teen at Northsprings and am pleased with the diversity and class offerings. The magnet offers arts & science/math. I wish it was a little more structured though... Riverwood is another option to consider.. both in the Sandy Spring area... Good Luck

P.S. If you need help with property let me know as well ( local Realtor)


evelynga March 13, 2011

Hi! Good luck with your move! I would strongly recommend Ridverwood International Charter High School. I know many people who have sent their kids there and they love it. However, I would also recommend the Westminster Schools, too. They provide what seems like a very nice education. But, in Sandy Springs, the best public high school is Riverwood (North Springs is not bad at all, either). Riverwood has been continuously ranked in some of the best national schools. It is one of the top hundred public high schools in the country (apparently, I had no idea until I read an article). Also, for more info on all Atlanta Public High Schools, I would recommend reading the Atlanta Magazine Best High Schools edition magazine.

Good Luck!


eeesmom1 March 15, 2011

I like Dunwoody High, as well as the city of Dunwoody. It is a smaller school than some of the others you mentioned (about 1200). Plenty of opportunities for advanced studies/AP classes and extracurricular activities. Dunwoody is a very friendly, family oriented community. I urge you to visit any of the schools you are considering to get a good feel for how they operate. Having said that, if I could live anywhere in the state I would choose Savannah :)

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