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Decisions, Decisions!!


twinsmoma April 13, 2011


My husband has been recently blessed with the opportunity to work in either Atlanta or Houston. Yay! But, I don't know which city offers the best services or treatments for children on the spectrum. Our son is 4 1/2 y , nonverbal , and was diagnosed with Classic Autism. Is there anyone on here that can give me some feedback? Pluses/minuses of Atlanta.

I hope that I will hear from someone soon. This is a BIG decision.

Much thanks!

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007logic April 17, 2011

Hi I am an active parent in Atlanta Public Schools I recommend Houston because currently here in Atlanta children with special need are not receiving the attention they need to move them into adulthood. The system here will not grant a child with special needs a diploma, they will withdraw them at age 16 or 17 never letting them graduate or reach their full potential it is unfortunate but this is currently how it is done. Here is a number for APS so you can let them explain it to you better 40482082233 or 2204 and the GA dept of ED Mind you the policy may change during your child educational years but you need be aware at the onset to make a good decision. One more APS is currently on administrative probation and shopping for a new superintendent so a lot of influx is under way and no one is at the wheel. Our Charter Schools is a very good way to go with cautions as most do not address special needs.


jsbarnes May 1, 2011

I have had a very good experience with Special Needs Pre-K at Woodland Charter Elementary School in the Fulton County School system. Woodland is considered a Special Education Center school for the North Springs and Riverwood clusters. They have 5 self-contained special education classes and an IRR class dedicated to each grade level. They have 2 full time OTâ??s, 3 full time speech therapists, and 1 full time physical therapist. It has changed our life. I am happy to get you in touch with people who can help you. best email

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