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Relocating to Atlanta. Looking for mainstream schools that accomodates special needs.


momtoj1j2 May 7, 2011

Relocating to the Atlanta area. My son will be in 5th grade 2011-2012 school year. Interested in schools that will adapt my son's existing IEP program, with staff/admin educated in dealing with special needs students. And also looking for group/parent advocates for Asperger Syndrome children. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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reisa07 May 8, 2011

We have a child within the autism spectrum who attends Woodland Elementary (North Fulton county).
Our experience with the school admin, teachers and specialists has been excellent - for 3 years now. As always, it's a two way I find you'll have to be ready to get involve, support what they do and reinforce at home. We've received a very professional treatment, care for our child and tons of improvement in development.
Hope this helps!


fieldsgrove June 4, 2011

Hawthorne Elementary School in Dekalb County offers an inclusion program in grades 1-5 for most classrooms. Inclusing classrooms serve both typically-developing and special needs students with IEPs. Each inclusion classroom has both a regular education teacher and a special education teacher. My children have had excellent experiences there.

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