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Searching for Good Middle/High Schools


mccooln May 31, 2011

I am moving my family to Atlanta soon and need advice about good public (or affordable private) middle and high schools. I am not familiar with the city and any helpful advice will be appreaciated!

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vteades June 1, 2011

There are many good options in the area - really depends on what you are looking for. The traditional, "safe" white, upper-middle class option would be fulton county's ridgeview/riverwood district. Great school, if you can afford the district and don't mind a suburban, "gated community" mindset. For a more urban choice look into Atlanta city schools Inman/Grady district. Really up and coming, good things going on. lots of diversity, right in the middle of the city with all that has to offer. For more of a compromise on the two there is city of decatur school district. GREAT shcools, small town feel, yet insde the perimeter. area housing is expensive because the schools are so good, but it has a more urban feel, with marta (subway) access for fieldtrips, etc. my husband and I are curretnly trying to relocate here - choosing a smaller townhome so taht we can afford the schools for our middle school/highschool daughters. other good options dekalb county's henderson/lakeside (district is mostly outside perimeter, fairly affordable, with good amount of immigrants and other diverse flavor) and atlanta city schools sutton/north atlanta. (expensive area again - inside perimter in the "buckhead" section of atlanta.) just start calling schools they should be able to give tours, other info to get you started. hope this helps and wlecome to atlanta!!!!!!


fieldsgrove June 4, 2011

Lakeside High and Henderson Middle are excellent schools serving a diverse student body in the Dekalb County School System. There is still affordable housing in the area. Good luck!

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