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rdglatt October 19, 2011

My son is dyslexic and is in second grade. We are in North Fulton Co public schools. He is currently under an IEP but they aren't doing anything extraordinary to help him. I tutor him in the evenings. We would like him, for next year, to attend a private school for dyslexia. We are looking at Swift School and Pathways Academy. Does anyone have an opinion on these schools?

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webb9792 October 23, 2011

I am taking classes at Schenck School right now to become a dyslexic tutor. I HIGHLY recommend putting your child in one of the dyslexic schools (and you might consider Schenck too). They are all probably using Orton Gillingham method and are all good. I've heard Swift mentioned and I look it up before writing this -- looks great. Pathways looks good too based on their website (a bit dramatic on the website for my taste, but I imagine that was a web person and not the school?).
If it were me, I would look up questions you should be asking (on the web), like what method(s) they are using, what your child's day is like, kid to teacher ratio, etc.
Schenck does something I love -- they have a tone that sounds which indicates the kids take a "brain break." They get up and do a jig and dance around. Since ADHD and dyslexia go hand in hand, this was somehow touching to me.
Attending this course has been life-changing for me in the way I look at educating my own non-dyslexic children. I can't say enough about how they will not only teach your child to cope better, but they will also teach your child how to advocate for himself in a world that expects everyone to be the same. They will also give you tools to advocate for your child when it comes time for SATs and other situations where he may need provisions.
Hope this helps. I'm not sure I answered your question completely about the specific schools. But I do feel any of the specialized schools would be better than public.

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