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TarrahStarr October 26, 2011

I am in the process of relocating and havent completely decided on what county I would like to live in. Ive been told to stay clear of fulton County schools. I am a firm believer in asking around and would like an honest answer about this county and its schools. Are there and "good schools" in this county? I need an elementary, middle and high school ?

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Nitas5 October 28, 2011

I am in the same boat as you, im relocating from Va., and we have great schools here, and when i went to Georgia a couple of weeks ago, i heard alot of negative things about Fulton Co. Schools, and Clayton Co., so im very scared and dont want my children to get caught up in the school losing its accredidation, or anything else, so if you hear of any great schools or vice versa, lets keep each other posted. And Good Luck!!!, im looking for a High School, my children have been in an Academy since the age 5yrs old all of them, and i want them in a good school, dont want them to miss out on scholarships that they have already been promised. My 10th grader is the first in Va. to earn her lettermans jacket letters, she runs track. With all that said lets just keep eachother posted. Clayton Co. schools alot of them lost accredidations this came from a school official.


VJohnson November 28, 2011

I really hate to say this, being that I am a resident of Fulton County myself but the reality is that the schools in NORTHERN Fulton County far outperform those in South Fulton County. If you look at a map, you will see that Fulton is HUGE and is sort of split in 2 because the Atlanta Public School system sits right between North and South.

Anyway, I live in South Fulton. It's an area of town that I am comfortable with, it's WAY less congested than N. Fulton and we're closed to family and our church. We happened to "luck up" and get a house in the best possible cluster in S. Fulton. If considering areas close to and south of the Airport, make sure you get into the Stonewall Tell Elementary / Sandtown Middle School / Westlake cluster. These schools, in my opinion, perform on-par with the N. Fulton schools, especially considering the huge difference in socio-economic statuses of the population.


111mb111 December 6, 2011

If you care about your children receiving a good education, you'll soon realize that the only way to do it here in Atlanta is through private school. Fortunately, there are many wonderful private schools from which to choose. I have experience both public and private with my own children and there simply is no comparison. The school board is constantly fighting, redistricting always in the works, and class sizes are huge. I hope you find a good fit for your children.


monroman December 10, 2011

I moved to Atlanta area for one year. When I first asked, I was told that the best option were East Cobb or Decatur City Systems. I finally moved to DeKalb County, and found several great Elementary Schools, great Middle and High School. Mi youngest goes to Hawthorne, a wonderful inclusion school with high number of Special Needs and Discovery, and two teachers in 15 out of 18 classrooms. Henderson Middle is diverse but quite serious and with great deal of clubs and extracurricular activity. Lakeside HighSchool is a good place as well, although I finally didn't enroll my daughter.

I hope this helped you to make things clear.


smcarroll602 December 18, 2011

My girls and I have been here in Atlanta for the past 2years now and been in the Atlanta public schools for almost that length of time, I've never exprience what I've been experienceing and witnessing ever!!! I have 4girls two of which are adults and raiseing their own families, but I have two more at home in "the Atlanta Public School" before I moved here the oldest of my two thats @home, was in the 4th grade with honors all 4years of school, before moving here and my other just sucessful finished preK. Thank God that my now 7th grader had a jump start in NC schools before comming here but I am so fighting and struggling with my now 2nd grader OMG the that she now attends is so(lack of a better word) not causeing her to prosper academically- atlanta public school, or I should say the one that my girls are attending...smh... I moved here for finicial reasons, but I am so reconsidering for the sake of my girls especially my younger one so she can @least have a chance in competeing successfully for academic things in her school career. sorry I have no referrals for you for I'm still searching....

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