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What areas in Maryland are good to live in and raise kids and not too far of a commute from work in Baltimore


desimm09 July 19, 2009

I plan to relocate to Maryland next year 2010 with my family. I am getting a transfer from my job which is located in Baltimore, close to Camden Yards. I am not too familiar with the
area, and need some advice as to what areas are nice to live in and good schools. I am look for a closer commute to work.


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healthy11 July 19, 2009

Hi. I'm not from MD, but I wanted to point you to the "Find a School" feature on the green menu bar near the top of this page...You can enter a location and grade level, and see a list of all schools in a given community. Public ones are rated from 1 (low) to 10 (high) but it's important to note that a "10" rating in GA may not be the same as a "10" in MD, because state standards are different.
Truthfully, I think you'll find that MD schools are more advanced than GA schools. It seems that many families who move from the south up north are shocked to learn that. I have heard that Montgomery County Schools in general are very good, but I can't tell you about the commute. Hopefully, someone from the Baltimore area will see your posting and respond.


lovey063 April 8, 2010

I would start your search in Howard County, Md for schools. Columbia, Ellicott City and if you can afford the housing price tag... Clarksville, MD. These cities are a bit south and west of Baltimore. We currently live in Bowie, MD - Prince George's County - and are very disappointed with the school system, so are relocating to Howard. Stay away from P.G. County! We also have a mild learning disabled son that may need services and Howard County looks good for him also. Good luck with your plans!


Lanaparker August 10, 2010

If you will be working in Baltimore then Howard County is your best bet. I lived in Maryland for 7 years before transferring to Atlanta and lived in both Montgomery and Howard counties. I think Howard was way better. We lived in Columbia and Clarksville schools are definitely the best. Besides, Montgomery Co. will be a hike for you to commute to Baltimore. As the last poster said, definitely stay away from P.G. county!!


kingsly1511 September 17, 2010

We have lived in MD for almost 5 years. I think Howard County is one of the best places to live, where the city Columbia is the ultimate. Definitely the schools are the best and it is also a wonderful place to raise your kids. And, commute to Baltimore (the downtown) will anyway take you for a ride no matter how close and far you live. All the best with your move

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