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bridgetnys March 20, 2012

I'm fleeing from an abuse marriage and would like to start over somewhere with an outstanding school system as well as diversed community. My girls and I will be going into a dmv shelter. I'm not sure what county, or city. I need to figure out where my girls(11&14) could excel in their academics and in life in general. My baby is an aspiring actress with some credits. Unfortunately my husband controls all of our finances. We are leaving VA. Please any tips, advice will be appreciated.

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KathaB March 23, 2012

Gwinnett County has the best school districts in Georgia. Contact Partnership Against Domestic Violence to determine your shelter options. And contests on your boldness to leave.


bnicole678 March 26, 2012

I commend you for your effort, and I hope everything works out for you. Gwinnett County has a fabulous school system. My son attends a Gwinnett County elementary school and I couldn't be happier with the school. Look up Rainbow Village, they are a family shelter in Duluth, and do a lot of great work with the community.


bridgetnys April 24, 2012

Thanks ladies!!! I'm constructing my escape now. Once my girls are out of school, I will make my move. God Bless you both.



MomOJosie May 10, 2012

Hi Bridgetnys,

I don't know anything about Gwinnett County, but if you are dependent upon public transportation, you will not be able to get around very well out there. There are walk-able communities located within the perimeter (ITP), which provides public transportation. Inman Middle School and Sutton Middle School are excellent for your 11 yr old, and check out Grady High School and North Atlanta High School for your 14 yr old. Hope this helped!


JanieBurnette June 1, 2012

Forsyth County (Cumming, Georgia) has a wonderful school system with Schools of Excellence. We have wonderful community parks and walk ways. And our subdivisions are just wonderful. If you end up in Forsyth county I can show you properties that qualify for the USDA financing and offer several lender information to help you become qualified.

Good Luck & contact me if you need me.

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