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I'm looking for public school multi-age classrooms in surrounding area of atlanta, ga.


selahbaby August 7, 2008

Two of my children are in a k-5 multi-age class in california, but we are relocating to atlanta in summer of 2009 and I would really like to find similar classes, like minded parents and a neighborhood which supports this type of learning.

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Mom23boys August 7, 2008

There are many school choices in Atlanta if you are willing to go private. Paidea, a private school near Emory University which is loosely Montessori based but academically excellent, and Montessori of which there are many in the Atlanta area might be worth looking into. I do not know of any public schools that would fit your preferences. Good luck!


ladyelaine September 24, 2008

Not many public schools in our area have multi-age classrooms. There are private schools that employ this model, but not many public.

Tritt Elementary School in Cobb County has a "family group" of 2nd-5th grade classes in the school. They do multi-age instruction among the classes for part of the day, but not all day. They also do special projects and field trips across the grade levels within the family group. It's sort of like a school-within-a-school. It's been very successful.


ncusip January 8, 2009

Arbor Montessori around Emory University could be a good choice.


marciajones August 15, 2009

I have worked with the following school's Director and highly recommend visiting.

Carlisle Montessori School
1036 Lindbergh Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324. 404-949-0053 or 404-563-1526. Ages 3 to 6. Buckhead's first and only Montessori school. AMI Directress and Owner, Gina Ward, has 17 years experience as a Montessori teacher, director, and founder of two Montessori schools. We are passionate about the Montessori Method of education and its unlimited potential. Our families enjoy the beauty, peacefulness, and simplicity of our Children's House. The outdoor environment provides a garden to cultivate and harvest, cozy nooks, a bridge, and an original ship play-scape sponsored by Dante's Down the Hatch founder Dante Stephens.

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