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TMcKinney November 27, 2012

Hi everyone. My husband and I currently live in Henry. County but are looking to purchase our first home. We don't want to stay in Henry because its a little to far and not as hip as we'd like. We have a son in kindergarten and want to find a location closer in town but not so segregated. If we move to south Fulton its predominately. AA and north Fulton is predominately Caucasian. I would like to find a location and school with a good mixture that is safe and good schools. Am I dreaming too big.

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kathyvanzyl May 12, 2013

Peachtree City in Fayette County is a great place to raise your kids, and has excellent public schools from elementary school through to high school. It is extremely safe, and has lots of family-oriented attractions (lakes, parks, golf cart paths, golf courses, athletic fields in abundance, etc). There are many different subdivisions to suit your family's needs. We love Crabapple Elementary and Kedron Elementary, Booth Middle School and McIntosh High School, but there are several other great schools too. Good luck!


TMcKinney May 12, 2013

Musicmamaof3, thank you so much for your response. I wish there was a way to reach you directly so I could ask you a few more questions. But so far you have given me a great place to start.


musicmamaof3 May 12, 2013

Actually North Fulton does have very diverse schools. :)
You just have to know where they are. There's a few sprinkled
throughout: you have the Sandy Springs area: Spalding
Drive Charter Elementary School. It's pretty good & nicely diverse.
The middle schools are a little bit less desirable but have
The potential to change and be something better than their current reputation.
Roswell holds an great bit of diversity surprisingly.
Roswell North Elementary & the schools it feeds into at the middle
& high school level are among the best in Georgia actually.
Especially Crabapple Middle.
Mimosa Elementary is an amazing school & also has a great
Middle & high school that it feed into as well.
My kids have gone to the ones in sandy springs& Roswell (crabapple).i
hope this helps you out as I was seeking the same things as you appear
to be. Best of luck!

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