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Possible to hire full-time teacher for home.


ralplhwatson January 2, 2013

we have four children in elementary school. Considering a homeschool option with a single teacher full-time. Any advice on how this could be done?

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beaglebarking March 3, 2013

Most parents that homeschool have one parent that stays home and performs the main teacher role. I have known a few that have part-time jobs, but they are at home for the core subjects. However, it is possible that a mom who has homeschooled her own kids and they have gone off to college, might be willing to be hired to teach your children. I wonder if someone in the family could be there with your kids, (aunt, grandmother etc.) and you could enroll in many online programs or satellite schools. Good Luck! Best place to inquire would be to google your local homeschool groups.


wb4gad March 3, 2013

uh, excuse me but I don't think you grasp the concept of 'homeschooling'! Usually the PARENTS (one or both) or grandparents teach the children! you sound like you need a 'tutor' for some under achieving kids.
Homeschooling is not as simple as you might think, you have to be dedicated to the result! I am a grandmother who has homeschooled my now 11 year old granddaughter since lst grade! She is on grade-level or above on all subjects.
We also make sure she gets the oportunity to attend local extra curricular things like a local Science Discovery Center one day a week (small fee) ,she also attended our local Childrens little Theatre classes where she learned to socialize.and is actually being featured in a local magazine about homeschooling kids who are excelling! But don't start if you aren't willing to
spend the time! but surprise surprise, we actually only spend about 4 hours a day doing workbook work, including Math, English grammar, Spelling (we have a test each week)! We are in Fifth Grade so we are learning about the Thirteen Colonies, the Puritans, the explorers etc. We even salute the flag each morning! By State law the actualS required number of hours is even less than that, but we find that this works for us! Some people go by certain curriculum, but we find that selecting our own books from AMAZON works best. We have used several kinds one being The Sylvan books (NOT to be confused with the very expensive system that some people invest in!) and also one called Scholastic Books! each child would work in their own grade level workbooks, We also work ON LINE on a website called SPELL CITY! they also can work on their own grade level (if each had access to a computer!) or they could rotate on one p.c. . But it has helped Katey a lot, as she was having a hard time with 'Spelling', but they offer hands on games that teach the child to 'sound out' , in various ways, and even offer a 'test' at the end of the week after all the activities. you can then print out the test , which the website 'corrects'! Be sure to keep a
folder on each child with samples of their daily work, tests etc. as sometimes the State pokes their nose in , and would require this.
We are under the 'umbrella' of a Christian School (not even in our city!) but they keep copies of the childs paperwork, shot records, test scores etc. we send them a manila envelope twice a year with samples of Katey's work (not ALL mind you as that would be 'over the top' and un necessary! They will then send a Report Card with the childs grades , based on YOUR form paper you send to them, averaging the childs grades . You CAN take a few hours a week if you would like to teach Bible stories, but it is NOT required! There are various HomeSchool Umbrella Schools in your neighborhood, but some require you volunteer your time to take field trips etc. (we take our OWN field trips, to museums, etc. ) this works for us. Ask around ! you will find out through local Homeschooling websites which are the best for you! We loosely follow the Public School schedules for holidays etc. (its just easier for her , as she has friends in public school and she likes to be 'off' when they are) but whatever works for you. The ideal thing is that YOU are in charge, if you want to take a month off for 'vacation' time (even if you don't actually travel) or if you want to plan your family trips for that time , (it doesn't have to be in the summer !)


DHardy March 3, 2013

I am right there with you. I would love to have my son home schooled. Not everyone has the patients to teach (I do not.). Therefore needing someone to do the teaching for them. Have you checked for maybe an early education college student on a part time biases? Best of luck.


cameramary March 3, 2013

There are many options but they are challenging if one parent can not spend the time at home. They are many homeschool communities and co-ops that you can find by searching on google, its a matter of just searching and searching. In my area at the time, it was challenging finding a co-op not associated with a particular religion but they are there. It is not simple and as a single mom I am not able to make that choice right now even though I wish I could. wb4gad had a quite interesting way of responding to you. You will find alot of that. If your family wants to make it happen you will. Good luck in your search.


MagnetMom March 4, 2013

Actually, with four kids' worth of tuition, it's entirely possible they could find a teacher to come in and tutor the kids for a salary comparable to private school tuition. It might not be the traditional homeschooling, but I've seen people make similar requests looking for teachers--or retired and laid-off teachers looking to work privately for a family.

Good luck, ralplhwatson. And let us know what you find out.


fattyman March 5, 2013

To wb4gad - It doesn't sound at all like she wants a "tutor for underachieving kids". It sounds like she understands the concept of homeschooling but maybe doesn't think she has the ability to do it herself. Not all adults have the skills to be teachers even if they want their children to have the benefits of education at home.

To ralplhwatson - I agree with looking for an education major or a retired teacher. This may be just what they are looking for. A retired teacher may love to be able to continue doing what they love in that setting without all the problems of being in a district. I ultimately decided to send my child to a local Christian school but explored many of the online options which was my second choice because I am unable to stay at home and my husband was not interested in being the educator.

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