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Relocating from Fairfax Co. VA to Dekalb or Cobb


dcozart September 13, 2013

Hi all, we're planing a move to the Atlanta area next year, and we're really struggling to find the best school/neighborhood/commute location. I think we've narrowed it down to either Dunwoody or East Cobb, but I really don't know where to go at this point in choosing a school from a distance. Some are rated as 10's on the site, but community comments might say it's the worst school ever. How to choose, what's the best? We've got two kids and another on the way, so need to understand the best overall triangle.

Thanks for any help that's provided!

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user5417911 January 20, 2014

Hi dcozart. Not sure if you have already made your move yet. If not I would make my decision from the feedback of the parents that actually has had experience with the schools. Call me for more info, I sell real estate in those areas.
George Davis -Keller Williams Realty

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